MediCorp propose “roles” or ways to play Elite by giving certain rules. It’s a sort of new job that is offered to players seeking for innovation and adventures.
Gameplays below are basics, ideas that can be developed or appropriate. Of course, if you have new ideas, do share them by joining us on our Discord server.

We’ll add new rules progressively. Don’t also hesitate to review pages specific to some gameplay (combats/PvP escorting…)

MediCorp suggest to gamers to:

  • Make patrols and finds pods in space or planet’s surfaces then bring them to safety in a MediCorp’s certified station. Each player then registers (screenshots can be requested) the number of pods he has collected. Every month a “ranking” is done and “The Lifeguard of the Month” will be known! What GLORY!
  • Make wings in open-mode and go to conflict areas or CG to: try retrieving what can be retrieved… and… stay alive the longest. All CMDR destroyed will follow a destruction report so we can establish a monthly list of “Rescuers Fallen during Mission”!
  • Contracts: it’s possible for any CMDR or group to request for a medical antenna for a particular event (race, war…) via a form available on the Wing website. No guarantee for presence will be required and free payment for MEDIC.
  • With cabins and passengers missions… The MediCorp rescuers can do humanitarians missions and injured evacuations… and who knows what else?
  • NEW : “PANDEMIC ALERT “. Stop the outbreak in affected systems by delivering medicines and/or complete humanitarian’s missions! Find systems in outbreak state with EDSM.
  • NEW: Operation “IT’S MINE”. Since September 26 3303 a large number of reports have stated a worrying situation in the Pleiades Systems: Thargoids ships seem to recover occupied evacuation pods. We CAN’T let them do! These pods are OURS! MediCorp rescuers are invited to patrol the relevant areas, search for non-human threat signals strength of 5 (nothing scares us) and salvage the largest number of occupied pods before Thargoid ship. Rescuers are advised to stay alive. The pods are to be returned to the Rescue Operations Officer in the nearest approved MediCorp systems. However, due to distance and urgency of the situation, it is exceptionally permitted to bring back these pods in one of the Pleiades stations. It’s up to you.
    The ships used in this operation must be MediCorp approved ships.
    This operation remains active as long as Thargoids continue to retrieve the pods.


NOTE: Since the 2.4 Update, MediCorp rescuers have a Search and Rescue agent (contact menu in station) to bring back salvaged pods. However, MediCorps members are encouraged to do it in MediCorp approved systems only.

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