MediCorp is an Elite Dangerous gameplay proposed by the Wing Atlantis group and suggest to players a new job: being a first-aid / rescuer. By following a few rules and observing some gameplays, it is possible to play Elite Dangerous another way.

MediCorp is not only a solo game style since we developed active roles with specific and useful rules for example during PvP encounters. This approach is a way to discover MediCorp, getting rescuers involved in adventures with other players and making them discover MediCorp in a playful way several aspects of the game that can seem complex.


The MediCorp team is in contact with the Frontier Developements studio to propose some new ingame features to further enhance the possibilities offered to rescuers. You can support this project by becoming a MediCorp and highlighting the gameplay possibilities offered by this type of roles in game !

NOTE: Since the 2.4 Update, MediCorp rescuers have a rescue and search agent (contact menu in station) to bring back salvaged pods. However, MediCorps members are encouraged to do it in MediCorp approved systems only.

MediCorp participates in the Distant World 2 expedition as rescuers. Discover MediCorp’s participation and find out more on this page.

MediCorp on ED-BOARD

Role type

Medicorp is an independent and neutral NGO, a kind of mobile “task force” capable of projecting itself rapidly on the affected areas.

MediCorp system

The MediCorp HQ is based in the Kalak system


Approved Systems & Stations

One of the main roles of MediCorp rescuers is to find and bring back to safety escape Pods in space or on ground of landable planets. In order to respect (Role Play) a certain deontology, only specific stations are MediCorp approved. They have been selected by rescuers and meet some criteria: they bear the name of a personality related to medicine or science, have a facility linked to MediCorp activities, etc…



MediCorp have a Discord Server, the Wing Atlantis server. Join us!

  • Beginning of activities:1st May, 2017
  • Installed ingame: 26th April 2018
  • Origin: Wing Atlantis (ADM)
  • Ships: consult the shed of certified ships
  • Translations: @ninawasthere

MediCorp is present on ed:TFM Join us on the MediC-HUB

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