The gameplay below has been tested during a PvP International event in July 2017.

Context / Purpose

  • Give an active role to MediCorp
  • Make PvE gamers attend PvP events with use
  • In view of its neutrality, give to MediCorp an arbitrage role and add a gameplay to PvP combats
  • Have a sanction more severe in case of death of one of the gamers (avoid run=>repair=>kill) adding a certain deadline between “destruction” and repair of the ships.


MediCorp Role

  • Once a player is offside, he must leave his group and meet a MediCorp ship (specific colors and names). To this end, he contacts a MediCorp coordinator and tells him his location (system). The coordinator chooses a rescuer for the meeting and assigns him his mission.
  • The rescuer invites in wing the driver in distress and jumps on his signal.
  • Once the encounter is completed, the rescuer drops 2 units of simple medics (which represent the cares provided to the pilot). The rescued player must destroy them by all means available to him.
  • As soon as both units are destroyed, The MediCorp appoints a system for repair, and validates the step.
  • The rescued player will repair and rejoin his teammates to resume the mission.



If the player canopy is broken, the pilot must inform the coordinators of the operations, and immediately take a screenshot. (He does not send it right away). The emergency relief coordinator dispenses him from waiting for help and tells him where to go to repair. A medicorp is still affected to him. The medicorp will invite him in wing to follow its movements. Once in the station, and his ship repaired, the offside player posts the screenshot on the Discord, and the operations coordinator gives him permission to come back.



MediCorp can disqualify a player if:

  • He refuses t follow the repair protocol (above)
  • He destroys a MediCorp ship (intentionnaly or not)
  • He repairs his ship without having destroyed the 2 units of medics.
  • He does not provide the Medicorp with a screenshot if its canopy is broken.
  • He goes to a repair station closer to that which was assigned.


In case of disqualification, the MediCorp Coordinator will inform those responsible for the event.