MediCorp’s headquarters has been located in Kalak since April 26, 3305 (2018), at the Nobel Terminal. As a non-political NGO, MediCorp does not engage in BGS (Background Simulation) activities. However, it is true that sometimes neighboring systems call for our assistance, and we do get involved there. We always respond to such calls with great enthusiasm.

MediCorp rescuers are advised not to interfere with player sub-factions and to minimize the impact on the BGS.

Approved Systems

If you recover escape pods, you must return them to systems that have been approved by MediCorp. This is extremely important. Imagine the bureaucratic nightmare if you don’t comply!

  • Approved System : These systems are MediCorp-approved. Each features a station, outpost, or base named after something related to science or medicine. These systems are the ONLY ones authorized to receive recovered pods. In these systems, you will find escape pod delivery contracts, among other things. Pods will only be counted if you accept a contract and return the pod to the specified system!
  • Medical Emergency Systems (Annex Systems)  :These systems receive special attention from MediCorp. They are TEMPORARILY added to the list of MediCorp systems and offer specific contracts.


Do not attempt to uncover who the MediCorp Order’s Council is or its purpose, for even we are in the dark! What we do know, however, is that it has approved certain systems and stations for the distribution of evacuation pods that rescuers collect in space or on planetary surfaces. As stated in the rules and charter page, it is strictly forbidden to “sell” these pods just anywhere…you never know who you might be dealing with, right?

These systems are connected to the world of science, medicine, or feature structures related to MediCorp’s activities.

Here is the list of approved systems (note that this list may change).

System nameStation nameTypeSector
DuamtaVesalius CityStationFederal sect.
HoffVesalius TerminalOutpostFederal sect.
LP 726-6Vesalius GatewayStationFederal sect.
AgastaniVesalius TerminalStationFederal sect.
Wolf 1329Vesalius SettlementOutpost
MiolaHarris HospitalStationFederal sect.
CheretsKoch HubOutpostFederal sect.
LHS 1240Koch EnterpriseOutpostFederal sect.
HIP 53879Koch PointPlanetary baseFederal sect.
HIP 2453Koch OrbitalOutpostFederal sect.
AymariyotKoch EnterprisePlanetary baseFederal sect.
LHS 2430Harvey StationOutpostFederal sect.
Wailla SakhHarvey OrbitalOutpost
LungHarvey StationOutpostFederal sect.
Ross 775Harvey PortOutpostFederal sect.
CU CancriHarvey PlatformOutpostFederal sect.
Hu JungHarvey DockStationFederal sect.
BD+15 3090Harvey EnterpriseOutpost
DagdhangjelPasteur TerminalStationFederal sect.
RibhniugoPasteur RefineryOutpost
Zhou MaolaPasteur TerminalOutpostFederal sect.
K CamelopardalisPasteur ProspectOutpostFederal sect.
IzanagiPasteur PortStationFederal sect.
ZaragasJenner HubStationFederal sect.
Luhman 16Jenner OrbitalOutpostFederal sect.
ArexeJenner LabPlanetary base
EotiensesParkinson DockStationEmpire sect.
FarorasParkinson WorksOutpostEmpire sect.
LTT 874Parkinson OrbitalStationEmpire sect.
KalakNobel TeminalStation
Sadr Region Sector GW-W c1-22Sadr Logistics DepotAsteroid baseQuadrant 1
NGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y D12Gorgon Research FacilityAsteroid baseQuadrant 2
GM CEPHEIElephant’s Trunk MineAsteroid baseQuadrant 2
CORBINWundt TerminalStationFederal sect.
COEUSFoster TerminalMegashipColonia
LuchtaineMoore’s CharmAsteroid baseColonia
CaraceniKerr EnterpriseStationAlliance sect.
AnayolEhrlich LegacyStationBulle Alliance
HIP 17694Hudson ObservatoryStationPleiades
HR 1064Nakano MarketStation
NjiriHelin DockStation