Main MediCorp Fleet Carrier Overview

Operational Since: June 4, 3307
Donors and Contributors: Commander MediCorp (owner), ACE Group, represented by Yves Le Technicien, Aymerix, SteFBlood (medical manager),
Donating Commanders:

  • Azim Hutt et son groupe, les UTC
  • Biof429
  • Obilan
  • Sagittarius
  • Wariow
  • Yves le Technicien et son groupe, les ACE

Supporting Organizations: Wing Atlantis, DSN, ACE, UTS, BBS

Services Offered: Docking, Market, Fuel, Repair, Resupply, Shipyard, Vista Genomics, Universal Cartographics, Bar (Note: All services, except for the bar, are suspended when the carrier is stationed at the MHS Louis Pasteur Laboratory and in Kalak.)
Status: operational

Utilization and Support for the MHS Hippocrates

The MHS Hippocrates welcomes all pilots. While docked, you can access various services (service suspension occurs when the ship is in Kalak) and accompany the carrier to destinations selected by MediCorp members.

Support for the MHS Hippocrates includes:

  • Depositing Tritium,
  • Selling Tritium at the market,
  • Contributing credits (through wing shares or market transactions). All profits are directed to the ship’s budget
  • Interested parties are encouraged to join our discussions on Discord.

Information and jump schedule

Details about the MHS Hippocrates and its jump itinerary are available on a dedicated website.