Fleet Carrier MediCorp Overview

Following the commissioning of the first MediCorp Fleet Carrier, the Hippocrates, MediCorp identified a need for an additional fleet carrier to support the NGO’s flagship efforts. Due to the increasing number of attacked systems, widespread epidemics, and the ever-growing demand for assistance, the Louis Pasteur was launched in 3308.

While the Hippocrates primarily focuses on emergency situation zones, the Louis Pasteur is dedicated to research and combating epidemics. Naturally, if circumstances demand, this vessel is deployed in support of the Hippocrates.

The dual mission of the Louis Pasteur

The “Guardians & Thargoids Research Mission Lab,” a laboratory specializing in Thargoid research, was established following the Proteus Wave cataclysm. Led by Professor Sharrowkyn, this lab also oversees research into the Maelstrom through a division known as GEREC (Caustic Environment Exploration and Research Group).

It is important to note that both Professor Sharrowkyn’s Laboratory and GEREC operate independently of MediCorp, making the Louis Pasteur unique in serving both MediCorp missions and the xenomorphic research laboratory’s goals.

Operational Since: January 2, 3308
Onboard Services: Docking, Market, Fuel, Repair, Resupply, Shipyard, Vista Genomics, Universal Cartographics, Bar. (Services, except for the bar, are suspended when the MHS Louis Pasteur is stationed at Kalak or HIP 82629.)
Status: In service

Utilizing and Supporting the MHS Louis Pasteur

All pilots are welcome aboard the Louis Pasteur. Here, you’ll find various services (suspended when the vessel is at Kalak or HIP 82629) and can travel to destinations selected by MediCorp members.

Support for the Louis Pasteur can be provided by:

  • Depositing Tritium for travel,
  • Selling Tritium at the market,
  • Making credit contributions (through wing shares or market transactions). All proceeds are directly allocated to the ship’s budget. If you’re interested, please join us on our Discord for further discussion.

Information and Jump Schedule

Comprehensive details about the Louis Pasteur and its jump schedule are available on a dedicated website.