January – May 3305

Throughout the Distant Worlds 2 expedition, MediCorp ensured the retrieval of escape pods and provided medical assistance to the fleet of explorers.

Rescuers, scientists

MediCorp provides Distant Worlds 2 pilots with ongoing medical support in case of injuries or epidemics, and also actively participates in scientific discoveries and research to ensure the fleet’s hygiene and safety are maintained.

To manage their supplies, they collect minerals and materials from planetary surfaces and space, such as Iron, Magnesium, etc., to create medicines and supply those in need!

Escape pods! Who will be the one to save the most lives?

The most crucial role is to retrieve escape pods throughout the expedition. As soon as a pilot discovers a pod, a MediCorp rescuer retrieves it and ensures its repatriation to an authorized station.

At the end of the expedition, MediCorp will announce the CMDR who found the highest number of pods and the rescuer who transported and repatriated the most. Will it be you?

Do you want to save lives, provide medical support for the expedition, and respond urgently when needed? Join MediCorp (RP Adventures, but not only!)

Find pods during DW2? Contact MediCorp urgently, we take care of everything!

Any problem? Neeeed a MEEEEDIC!”

Medicine Synthesis

Throughout the entire duration of the expedition, MediCorp is capable of dispensing medicines. To achieve this, materials need to be collected. Please refer to the materials reference sheet for details.

Escape pod Recovery

Have you found one or more pods? Here’s a step-by-step guide (click to enlarge). Scroll down for the registration form and links to various dedicated Discord servers. Two servers are available:

Main server: FleetComm (English)

Secondary server: DSN accessible for those who don’t speak English.

Pod recovery is prioritized on FleetComm and on DSN if you don’t speak English.

The Atlantis Wing server is also at your disposal for general questions about WA or MediCorp (fitting, procedures, etc).

Procedure for FleetComm Discord

  1. If you find a pod, report it using the form below and on the FleetComm Discord (or DSN if you don’t speak English).
  2. On FLEETCOMM only: Type !medic in the #dw2-in-game-support channel to notify us.
  3. DWEbot will automatically alert active MediCorp members.

Register Pods (operation completed)