Join the rescue efforts!

The “MedicAlert” is a new tool provided to rescuers, allowing for the quick identification of systems where medical assistance is urgently needed. Whether it’s evacuating civilians or pods, putting an end to an epidemic, or addressing famine, the “MedicAlert” continuously monitors known systems and lists those requiring our assistance on this page.

We strongly advise less experienced rescuers to exercise extreme caution in systems under Thargoid attack.

The “MedicAlert” is updated daily at varying hours, adapting to traffic within the concerned systems. No registration is necessary to use it, but you can enhance your experience further by utilizing our Squadron Manager.

Below, you’ll find two tables. (our gameplays) :

  • A table regarding the Thargoid war, equipped with filters to select, for instance, systems currently under attack. See the systems
  • A table listing systems experiencing epidemics where the delivery of medicine is awaited. See the systems

Station under Thargoid Attack

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Systems under Epidemic

View the list of systems experiencing epidemics that require assistance from MediCorp rescuers (delivery of medicine). The systems are ranked by distance from the Kalak system.

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Tool information

The MedicAlert is a tool hosted on a third-party website ( provided by CMDR Aymeric45, allowing MediCorp to benefit from the real-time reporting of system states. The tool has been custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of MediCorp, and we express our gratitude to its creator, CMDR Aymeric45. serves as a comprehensive toolkit for pilots, offering numerous practical features such as a 3D galaxy map, a screenshot conversion tool, a locator for High-Intensity Emission Sources for rare materials, an exobiology route planner, and more.