Ex Cancri Pods

March– April 3308

This pod rescue campaign was led by MediCorp rescuers in the Ex Cancri region. The unique feature of this area of the Galaxy is that it is not possible for a ship to leave once it enters. While it is possible to travel there with a particularly well-prepared exploration ship and using jump boosters, the return journey is not feasible.

Therefore, members of MediCorp were invited to take part in this expedition aboard the Fleet Carrier “Hippocrates”. The latter departed from Kalak on March 26, 2022 (3308) in the evening and made several jumps (see below) to arrive at the destination during the night.

Several activities were proposed:

  • Escape pod search & rescue,
  • Mining,
  • Exobiology with data resale on board the Hippocrates.

Roleplay adventure

Upon the return of the Hippocrates, MediCorp members took part in a Role-Play adventure: a virus infected the jump drive, disrupting the route and causing the ship to malfunction. It crashed in the Synuefe EN-H d11-96 system, where several Guardian items had to be retrieved to repair the jump drive (2 Guardian Orbs, 4 Guardian Relics, 2 Guardian Tablets, 10 Guardian Totems). Once done, after several days, the ship could return to Kalak.

However, in addition to the malfunction, a pod was stolen by Kaminska de Messalina, and the journalist from the Black Birds on board (A. Blondin) also fled. A story (Totem) related to the Silent Colossi operation, offering another perspective, can be read on the Wing Atlantis website.

Hippocrates trip

Kalak => Wregoe VI-U b31-1 => Wregoe UE-O c7-0 => Wregoe DV-D c0 => Outotz DC-J d10-0 => Outotz NN-Q d6-0 => HD 76133.

HD 76133 => Ex Cancri => AH Cancri => Outotch PL-J d10-0 => Outotz ZF-D d13-1 => Wregoe CT-R c5-0 Wregoe KB-O d6-3 => Synuefe PF-E b45-5 => Synuefe EN-H d11-96.

The Silent Colossi Operation concluded on April 17, 2022 (3308) with the return of the Hippocrates to Kalak. However, the case of the stolen pod is still ongoing.

This event, particularly in terms of role-playing, was covered through around fifteen cross-linked articles, offering different perspectives on the events (from MediCorp, Wing Atlantis, and Black Birds). Find all the links to these articles below:

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