MediCorp provides its rescuers and CMDRs a tool to share missions, carry out contracts, coordinate evacuations and epidemic control, keep track of the number of pods recovered, and more. Additionally, Squadron Manager enables the establishment of a ranking for the best rescuers!

Using Squadron Manager is optional and not required to be a part of MediCorp, but it offers to enhance the gaming experience for MediCorp rescuers.

What is Squadron Manager?

Squadron Manager offers 3 types of “contracts,” which can be found in the section of the same name:

  • Retrieve pods and damaged pods to Nobel Terminal station in Kalak to strive for the title of “Rescuer of the Month” (ranking not available at the moment).
  • Take contracts to combat epidemics* by delivering basic medicines, complex medicines, and agri-medicines to stations managed by factions in epidemic states. An overview of the “epidemic” status is presented at the bottom of this page.
  • In the event of Thargoid attacks on stations: evacuate civilians and recover pods from stations on fire.

With Squadron Manager, MediCorp also enables the creation of occasional events, and these events are relayed on the server. Wing Atlantis/MediCorp Discord.

How to use Squadron Manager:

If you wish to use Squadron Manager, it is necessary to follow these three steps:

  1. Register on the tool (see link on the button below). Please note that we manually validate your registration, thank you for your patience. If you have registered for several days and still do not have access, please come alert us on our Discord server.
  2. Install the Elite Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC) plugin. Download the latest EDMC version.
  3. Install the Squadron Manager plugin for EDMC. This plugin for EDMC links Squadron Manager to your game. The plugin will be accessible on the Database > Plugin page. You will have access to this page only after your Squadron Manager registration has been validated.

That’s all?

Yes, that’s it. Once you have access to Squadron Manager, have installed EDMC and the plugin, everything will happen automatically. HOWEVER, remember to launch EDMC to establish the connection between Elite and Squadron Manager. Don’t forget to do it!

Are you ready to register? Click the button below:

*About Epidemics

An epidemic is often the result of a low standard of living and development. The most effective way to combat an epidemic is to sell goods on the market. However, this should be done by observing certain rules, particularly related to the Background Simulation (BGS) and the functioning of Squadron Manager:

  • To identify the locations of epidemics, you can use the filters on the galactic map. Systems experiencing epidemics appear in purple OR by using our MedicAlert tool.
  • For effective efforts, goods should be sold in stations owned by sub-factions in epidemic states (to verify, check the right panel for states). The epidemic state will be indicated.
  • Regarding Squadron Manager, the accepted list of goods includes only basic medicines, advanced medicines, and agri-medicines.
  • It’s also possible to complete missions that require delivering basic medicines, advanced medicines, or agri-medicines. In this case, just like with the “medicine trade,” you will earn points.
  • Note: Squadron Manager will not consider a delivery of medicines if it is done in too small a quantity (since Squadron Manager rounds down to the nearest percentage: 0%). Try to deliver a minimum of 20 units.
  • Beyond 5 or 6 million credits in profits per day, your participation will no longer be taken into account. You will have reached the ceiling. Wait for the next tick to resume delivering medicines. The tick can be checked at the top right on Squadron Manager or on this website.
  • Squadron Manager’s ceilings correspond to BGS ceilings. Indeed, beyond a certain threshold, the impact of resales (goods, bounties, exploration data) has little effect on the BGS.
  • Don’t be surprised if the epidemic continues despite delivering medicines. Once triggered, this state lasts a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 28 (source).

More details: Remlok Industries offers a guide on the Background Simulation (BGS) to better understand this somewhat complex aspect of Elite Dangerous and sub-factions. Check out the BGS guide.