June 3309

The arrival of the 8 Maelstroms in November 3308 within the bubble has dramatically altered the course of the Thargoid war. The number of invaded and attacked systems has increased to unprecedented levels, and countless systems have been abandoned with the complete evacuation of their populations. These systems are now under Thargoid control, rendering them uninhabitable.

Fight without weapons and without faltering

Pilots have organized themselves to coordinate combat operations, as well as rescue missions. It falls upon the rescue pilots to participate in this war while adhering to their creed: no weapons. The missions are perilous but necessary; evacuating civilians, attending to the injured placed in stasis pods, or locating these pods wherever they may be in these war-torn systems. Once their holds are full, navigating around restrictions and slipping through the clutches of Thargoid vessels, the rescue pilots head to the medical mega ships to secure the civilians under their care. Barely rested, they return to the fury of battle to tirelessly save what can be saved. Their courage commands respect.

Operation “Hope of Esculapius”

MediCorp rescuers were offered the opportunity to participate in this war by following a specific objective: Target an invaded system designated by the war coordinators and focus solely on rescue missions (if possible).

The goal was to observe how rescue operations, and to what extent, impact invasion statistics in a system.

After 4 days, the Garongxians system saw the Thargoid invasion pushed back thanks to the rescue operations.

Report submitted by the rescuers:

  • 9726 civilians evacuated
  • 3388 escape pods rescued

Organization of the Operation

  • Date: Between June 22 and June 29, 3309
  • System: Garongxians
  • PAD Sizes in the System: Small/Medium/Large
  • Mission: Focus on the designated system to operate evacuation and rescue missions
  • Mission Type: Passenger transport (refugees) and wounded transports (pods in cargo hold)
  • Contacts: In the stations and bases of the system, mission and passenger contacts
  • Required Equipment: Ship (preferably fast and cold), cargo hold, passenger cabins. No weapons.
  • Mode: Free, mission can be done solo or in a group according to participants’ preference
  • Discord for coordination: https://discord.gg/JvgJk9Hnv9
  • Requirement to be a member of MediCorp to participate: No
  • Requirement to be a member of the MediCorp Squadron in-game: No


Having a MediCorp ship is quite simple: it must not be armed, that’s the basic requirement. However, it is possible to go a little further. For more details, you can refer to:

However, as part of Operation Hope of Esculapius, the ship must meet certain imperatives due to numerous interdictions (Thargoids intercept you within the system) and hyperdictions (Thargoids intercept you between systems).

In the shipyard, you will find a section titled “Medevac Ships in Thargoid War Zone” with many tips and suggested ships. Feel free to consult this page and ask for assistance on our.

Registration and Mission Reports

While it is by no means mandatory to record your participations and estimations, we strongly encourage pilots participating in this operation to document their actions. These statistical data will, hopefully, help assess the impact of rescue missions on the targeted system: how many rescued pods or evacuated civilians are needed to push back an invasion?

Exemple : x juin 3309

  • “x participants,
  • x civilians evacuated,
  • x escape pods rescued,
  • Average evacuations per participant,
  • Impact on the progress bar observed at the next tick (The Tick is a daily update of the background simulation in Elite Dangerous. The time often varies, and you can check this site to find out the tick time: https://elitebgs.app/tick)

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