MediCorp on MSFS 2020 / 2024

Being a pilot is about enjoying the thrill of flying in Elite Dangerous, but it’s not just that. For those pilots who fancy it, you can soar through the virtual skies adorned in the colors of MediCorp within the simulator and partake in the virtual airline hosted on FsHub. No obligations whatsoever, of course. Because who wouldn’t want to add a touch of virtual rescue heroism to their spacefaring adventures?

Medicorp missions

Each of your flights, if you choose, can be an opportunity to fly for medical logistics missions. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 edition) doesn’t inherently support career or mission features. Therefore, this remains a roleplay activity. However, if you desire, several tools are compatible with MSFS and allow mission creation while remaining compatible with flight recording on FsHub. For example (non-exhaustive list):

  • Neofly: Free for the basic version, Neofly is a career management tool developed by a French team, allowing for a wide variety of missions and career management. It even includes search and rescue (medic) missions!
  • The Skypark (not free): The Skypark is an application designed for managing a career with a roleplay aspect (alignment). This tool allows you to generate missions from the airport where you are (without the need to move the pilot and/or the aircraft), fulfilling contracts or challenges.”

However, there’s no obligation to use a tool to don the MediCorp uniform in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can, as you wish:

  • Fly with any aircraft that catches your fancy to transport medical personnel or equipment, whether it’s at a bustling international airport or a remote airstrip in the bush.
  • Establish a regular shuttle service to ferry hospital staff between isolated clinics on an archipelago.
  • Urgently transport organs over a mountain range.
  • Enable a patient to reach a hospital in New Zealand, saving them days of travel if they didn’t have access to an aircraft.
  • Utilize a helicopter for a medical evacuation.
  • Evacuate accident victims by landing nearby with your brand-new H135 or H145.
  • The only limit is your imagination…

Medicorp liveries

Several liveries are offered. They are absolutely not mandatory, and the responsibility for their use lies with the user. These liveries are not available on and only from this site.

The liveries can be downloaded and extracted into the ‘Community’ folder of your simulator, just like any other liveries available

Download liveries


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