MediCorp offers a “role” (or job) to play in Elite by following certain rules. The gameplays below are foundations, ideas that can be enriched or personalized. Of course, if you have new ideas, feel free to share them by joining our Discord server.

Since Elite Dangerous v2.4, MediCorp rescuers benefit from a Rescue Operations Agent (contact menu in stations) to deliver escape pods. However, MediCorp members are encouraged to deliver escape pods only to authorized systems.

Basic missions

These proposals serve as the core activities for MediCorp and are accessible to players of all levels, including beginners. You can explore all these options or select the ones that resonate with you. While we recommend engaging in “Open” for a heightened challenge, do keep in mind the increased risks involved (be mindful of insurance not provided by MediCorp :)).

  • Conduct patrols and locate Pods to recover in space or on planetary surfaces. Each player records the number of Pods they’ve gathered (screenshots may be requested). Monthly, we’ll compile a ‘ranking’ and crown the ‘Space Rescuer of the Month’—imagine the glory! (Refer to the ed-board website for details.)
  • Form wings and venture into conflict zones or participate in Interstellar Initiatives to retrieve whatever possible…and…aim to survive as long as you can. Any CMDRs lost will be memorialized, allowing us to honor “Fallen Rescuers” monthly.
  • Contracts: Any CMDR or group can request medical support for events (races, conflicts, etc.) via a form on the Wing website. While attendance isn’t guaranteed, MEDIC teams are not compensated for their services.
  • Wing Missions: With Elite Dangerous 3.0+, band together in wings to share missions. It’s an ideal way to conduct rescue operations collaboratively or to have an escort in hazardous territories!
  • Hostage Rescue: It’s feasible to recover hostages (pods) for MediCorp, but engaging in combat or firing (at ships or drones on surfaces) is prohibited. Thus, bringing along a mercenary for protection is advisable. Note: Hostage missions may conflict with your RP stance, so consider carefully before accepting.
  • Passenger Missions: With passenger cabins, MediCorp can undertake humanitarian missions or transport the injured.
  • “PANDEMIC ALERT”: Combat epidemics in afflicted systems by delivering medical supplies and/or completing missions to curb the spread. You have the power to halt the outbreak! Identify epidemic systems using EDSM filters.
  • Pod Recovery from damaged mega-ships is a lawful operation.
  • Medic Trade Tour: Explore MediCorp’s unique trade route, conceived by the Rescuers. Fill your cargo holds and enrich your accounts by gathering ‘medical’ supplies from across the galaxy! (details below).

Control and prevention missions

MediCorp rescuers are equipped to undertake a variety of control and prevention missions.

  • Utilizing the ship’s communication system (RP), rescuers can designate areas as hazardous or notify of a rescuer’s presence in the vicinity as a precaution.
  • Pod Control Mission (requires Odyssey): Since May 3309, MediCorp has been authorized by NORAF to inspect pods installed on Fleet Carriers. The procedure is as follows:
  1. The rescuer proceeds to the Fleet Carrier subject to inspection;
  2. They examine the pod’s external condition;
  3. They enter the pod for testing (note, you will respawn at the last station you visited, without your ship. Utilizing an Apex service or recalling your ship might be necessary);
  4. They return to the FC and inform the owner about the pod’s operational status and compliance;
  5. In case of non-compliance, the issue is reported on the MediCorp server.

Special missions (advanced players)

These specialized operations cater to a distinct audience, primarily targeting players with advanced or expert skill levels. We recommend engaging in these missions openly to enhance the challenge.

  • “IT’S MINE” Operation: Since September 26, 3303, there has been a surge in alarming reports from the Pleiades: Thargoid ships have been observed reclaiming evacuation pods. This action cannot go unchallenged – these pods are ours! We call upon MediCorp rescuers to venture into the impacted zones, search for non-human threat level 5 signals (we fear nothing), and salvage as many pods as possible ahead of the Thargoid vessels. Rescuers are urged to prioritize their survival. Recovered pods should be delivered to the Rescue Operations Officer in MediCorp-endorsed systems. Given the urgency and remote location of these incidents, pods may, exceptionally, be dropped off at any Pleiades station. The choice is yours. Only MediCorp-certified ships are to be employed in this mission. This operation will continue for as long as Thargoid ships persist in their efforts to retrieve the pods.
  • EVAC ALERT PROTOCOL: MediCorp rescuers are invited to participate in rescue missions at stations under siege, focusing on the evacuation of individuals and lifeboats. Further details are provided below.
  • Exploration, Distant Worlds, etc.: If you’re passionate about exploration and eager to recover pods from the galaxy’s farthest reaches, this mission is tailor-made for you. Embark on your journey with an exploration vessel, equipped with a cargo bay, and strive to rescue the abandoned pods of unfortunate explorers. They are relying on you!
  • Community Goals: Frontier frequently sets community goals (CGs) for rescue missions that align seamlessly with MediCorp’s ethos and activities.

Thargoid War (advanced players)

In late November 3308, the conflict between humanity and the Thargoids escalated significantly. To support the war effort, MediCorp began offering its rescuers the opportunity to undertake supply and rescue missions. These missions, critical to the war’s outcome, are available in systems under THARGOID INVASION and ALERT status.

Missions can be accepted from stations, bases, or outposts that remain in operation. The key objectives include:

  • Resupply Operations: Focus on transporting essential supplies, prioritizing medicines, survival gear, water purifiers, and shelters.
  • Evacuation of the Injured: Equip your ship’s cargo bay to transport pods containing injured individuals. These pods must be delivered to designated ships as per mission instructions.
  • Civilian Evacuations: Load refugees into your economy cabins and transport them to safe locations.

It’s important to note that these missions carry a high level of risk due to frequent Thargoid interceptions. Utilizing a specialized ship, particularly one that is swift, is highly recommended. Check the hangar for recommended ship configurations suitable for these operations.

Recovery bio-storage capsules (Titans – advanced players)

Active Titan

Starting in the autumn of 3309 (2023), it will become possible and authorized to retrieve bio-storage capsules trapped within Titans. This operation is complex, as it involves navigating into the Maelstrom, maneuvering through turbulent waves to approach the Titan, and then extracting the pods. This task necessitates several specialized modules. Additionally, the ship must be outfitted with internal extraction missiles. The deployment of these mining missiles on MediCorp ships was sanctioned following the inaugural Kalak Symposium. Their usage is strictly regulated and intended for temporary application only. This represents the sole exception regarding “weapons” deployment, permissible exclusively within the context of these specific Titan recovery missions. Outside of these missions, the missiles must be uninstalled.

Medicorp protocol:

  • Enter the Maelstrom (Required module: Caustic Sink)
  • Counteract the shockwave defense mechanism (Required module: Thargoid Pulse Neutralizer)
  • Scan the Titan (Required module: Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner)
  • Extract nacelles (Required module: Subsurface Extraction Missiles)
  • Recover bio-storage capsules (Highly recommended module: Recovery Drones)
  • Deposit them on rescueship

Meltdown and Titan wreck

When the Titan controls few systems, its resistance weakens. Generally, it then faces massive attacks from pilots who damage and successively destroy its 8 cores.

When the eighth core is destroyed, the titan goes into meltdown and triggers a 24-hour countdown. During the titan’s final hours, it is possible (and even essential) to retrieve as many bio-storage capsules as possible.

After its explosion and the time required for the caustic cloud to dissipate, it is possible to visit the wreckage of a titan and recover bio-storage capsules.

These two operations fall squarely within the purview of Medicorp rescuers.

Evacuations (advanced players)

Since December 3303, our dedicated rescue teams have been mobilizing and responding to stations under attack, braving significant risks. The devastation inflicted on these stations is immense, necessitating vast amounts of resources and ships to evacuate thousands of victims and traumatized civilians. Gradually, some of our teams have begun to specialize in these critical yet perilous missions.
It is important to clarify that this gameplay aspect does not involve Thargoid war zones, but rather focuses exclusively on stations ablaze in systems located beyond the front lines.

Please note: this gameplay does not concern Thargoid war zones, but only burning stations in systems outside the front line.


For rescuers: 

  • Ensure your ship is equipped with a significant number of economic cabins. The demand is high with numerous victims and individuals with disabilities requiring evacuation, necessitating multiple trips.
  • Maintain a minimum cargo capacity. Despite our guidelines, some evacuees may bring personal belongings or offer materials as tokens of gratitude.
  • In collaboration with control centers, medical frigates stationed a short distance from the evacuation sites are fully equipped and ready to provide first aid and receive victims.
  • If your ship has the necessary equipment, you may initiate emergency medical procedures. However, remember that the primary objective is EVACUATION.
  • While MediCorp does not prescribe a specific type of ship for these operations, we advise outfitting your vessel with as many economy cabins as possible. Explore our list of certified vessels for suitable options.
  • Install heat sinks on your ship. The ambient temperatures within the stations can cause rapid overheating.
  • Stay vigilant for station explosions, which can be powerful enough to knock your ship off course or cause collisions with station structures.

For victims & civilians: 

  • Do not obstruct the maneuvers of our rescue ships.
  • Our vessels are identifiable by the ID: MEDIC.
  • The mission commander has full authority during the operation.
  • When a ship lands, avoid rushing. Allow the dispatch teams to manage the evacuation process efficiently.
  • Evacuation priority is determined based on the severity of conditions, a decision made by the rescuers that must be respected.
  • Once aboard, do not interfere with the crew or the pilot’s duties.
  • The journey to safety will last a few minutes, after which you will be greeted by the medical and psychological support teams on the medical frigates.
  • The cost of evacuation operations is listed on the mission board. MediCorp has intentionally kept these rates low to facilitate access.

Medic Trade Tour


Across the galaxy, a variety of rare commodities can be found, each available only at specific stations and in limited quantities per pilot (only a handful of units). These sought-after items command high commercial margins, which increase exponentially with the distance from the purchase point to the sale point, peaking at distances around 100 light-years.
CMDRs Erfingo, Hesefy, Rexilius, and StefBlood have curated a MediCorp-endorsed trade route featuring products that are, in one way or another, related to health and wellness.

Below, you’ll find the recommended route and a brief overview of the rare commodities you’ll encounter. Safe travels, Commander.
Please note: In certain MediCorp RP missions, acquiring a rare item might be essential to successfully completing the mission or operation.


Vega Slimweed

Price : ~2559 cr/u

System : Vega / Station : Taylor City

Tauri Chimes

Price : ~924 cr/u

System : 39 Tauri / Station : Porta

Waters of Shintara

Priice : ~7421 cr/u

System : Shirarta (permit) / Station : Jameson Memorial

Azure Milk

Price : ~413 cr/u

System : Leesti / Station : George Lucas

Kachirigin Filter Leeches

Price : ~47 cr/u

System : Kachirigin / Station : Nowak Orbital

Alya Body Soap

Price : ~46 cr/u

System : Alya / Station : Malaspina Gateway

Fujin Tea

Price : ~496 cr/u

System : Fujin / Station : Futen Spaceport

Ceremonial Heike Tea

Price : ~2443 cr/u

System : Heike / Station : Brunel City

Tanmark Tranquil Tea

Price : ~1972 cr/u

System : Tanmark / Station : Cassie-L-Peia

Toxandji Virocide

Price : ~535 cr/u

System : Toxandji / Station : Tsunenaga Orbital

PVP gameplay

Gameplay Overview: Tested at an International PvP Event, July 2017

Context / purpose

  • Empower MediCorp with an active and integral role in gameplay.
  • Engage PvE players in meaningful PvP activities.
  • Utilize MediCorp’s impartial stance to assign it an arbitration role in PvP battles, enriching the gameplay.
  • Introduce a more consequential penalty for player death (to discourage the cycle of flee → repair → re-engage) by implementing a delay between ship destruction and repair.

The role of MediCorp

  • Upon being eliminated, players must exit their group and rendezvous with a MediCorp vessel, identifiable by unique colors and names.
  • The eliminated player contacts a MediCorp coordinator, providing their current location (system). The coordinator then selects a rescuer for the mission.
  • The rescuer joins the distressed pilot and warps to their signal.
  • At the meeting, the rescuer delivers 2 units of basic medicine (symbolizing treatment). The player must then destroy these units by any means available.
  • Following the destruction of the medicine, MediCorp designates a repair system and confirms completion of this phase.
  • The player proceeds to the repair facility and then rejoins their team to continue the mission.

Exception: If a player suffers a canopy breach, they must immediately inform the coordinator and take a screenshot (not to be sent instantly). The coordinator exempts the player from waiting for rescue and directs them to a repair station. A MediCorp representative is still assigned to monitor the player’s progress. After repairs, the player posts the screenshot on Discord, and the coordinator reauthorizes their game participation.


MediCorp reserves the right to disqualify a player for any of the following reasons:

  • Non-compliance with the repair protocol.
  • Intentional or accidental destruction of a MediCorp vessel.
  • Proceeding to repair without destroying the 2 units of medicine.
  • Failing to provide a screenshot in the event of a canopy breach.
  • Not adhering to the assigned repair station, especially if the player’s chosen station is nearer than the designated one.

In the event of disqualification, the MediCorp Coordinator will notify the event organizers.