MediCorp in Colonia

Operational Since: 3309
ID : TFV-10F
Owner: James Wariow (“Wariow” in-game)
Location: Colonia
Primary System: Ratraii
Onboard Services: Docking, Refuel/Repair/Rearm, Bounty Office, Equipment, Secure Storage, Bar, Universal Cartographics, Vista Genomics, Pioneer Supplies.
Status: In service

Colonia Medical Outpost

All pilots operating in the Colonia region are welcome aboard the MHS Mercy of Azeria. This facility offers a variety of services. The Mercy was made available to MediCorp in May 3309 by Commander James Wariow. His aim was to provide MediCorp with cutting-edge medical facilities in the Colonia region, which is sorely lacking in medical services.

It has been noted, however, that a section of the facility is off-limits to pilots not part of Commander Wariow’s inner circle. This exclusive area is dedicated to private research and development.

Information and Jump Schedule

The MHS Mercy is a stationary hospital ship located in the Ratraii system.
Should there be any exceptional movement, pilots will be notified via the MediCorp Discord server 48 hours prior to departure.