Rules for MediCorp ships

MediCorp rescuers have access to a variety of vessels tailored for their operations. These ships adhere to guidelines that embody the “MediCorp spirit.” For detailed guidelines and rules, please refer to the relevant documentation.

NOTE: All ships are deemed MediCorp ‘approved’. This information aims to inspire and adopts a role-playing (RP) perspective. Following the rules allows any player and ship to undertake the role of salvager in Elite. We encourage you to explore our gameplay and mission suggestions tailored for both beginners and advanced players.

When preparing for missions, consider the following requirements to ensure your vessel is mission-ready:

  • Adequate cargo capacity for recovery pods or civilian transport,
  • Optional: cabins equipped for medical transport,
  • Equipped with recovery drones for rescuing pods,
  • Sufficient jump range for extended missions,
  • Fuel scoop module for long-distance travel,
  • And more…

MediCorp Ship Regulations

MediCorp ships are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The ship’s identification (ID) must be labeled as: MEDIC.
  • The ship’s name should follow the format: MEDICORP [WA] or MEDICORP [GROUP NAME].
  • If feasible, the ship’s paint job should be either red or a combination of red and white to align with MediCorp’s color scheme. **Paint jobs are encouraged but not mandatory.
  • While the purchase of a nameplate from the store, which displays the ship’s name, is optional, adherence to the naming conventions outlined above is mandatory, even without a nameplate.

The plate available on the store, which displays the ship’s name, is not required. However, the ship’s name, even without a plaque, must comply with the above rules **Painjobs are not required.