MediCorp was present during the Proteus wave

9 august 3308

MediCorp organized part of the rescue efforts at HIP 22460 during the activation of the Proteus wave by Azimuth. The Hippocrates and the Louis Pasteur were dispatched to the site to carry out their rescue and search mission.

For ten days, MediCorp rescuers conducted pod rescue missions in particularly perilous conditions.

Additionally, during this operation, the Louis Pasteur opened its ‘Guardians & Thargoids Research Mission Lab,’ a dedicated laboratory entirely focused on xenos research. MediCorp members were invited to deposit dozens of Guardian and Thargoid artifacts on the Louis Pasteur.

A new Director was hired to oversee the Laboratory: Professor Kiryl Sharrokyn (see articles at the bottom of the page). Since that date, the ‘Guardians & Thargoids Research Mission Lab’ has been active, and the Louis Pasteur can be commissioned for xenos sites.

The MHS Hippocrates returned to Kalak on August 16, 3308, while the Louis Pasteur stayed a few more days on-site to build up its stock of artifacts.”

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