March 3310 – Medicorp was there!

After several months of preparation and warfare, a massive attack against the titan Taranis was launched on the evening of February 26, 3310. An incalculable number of pilots converged towards the titan, armed with the new Guardian Nanite Torpedoes to bring down the Thargoid mothership. In the last 24 hours before its explosion, Medicorp initiated an operation to retrieve bio-storage capules to save as many civilians as possible imprisoned by the Thargoids.

The last of Taranis

The operation lasted only 24 hours before the titan Taranis exploded. An urgent call was issued to all rescuers by Medicorp and the Pilot’s Federation to extract a maximum of bio-storage capules from the damaged titan.

A few hours before its explosion, a message was transmitted to all pilots encouraging them to save as many lives as possible.

In just a few hours, thousands of capsules were extracted and brought aboard rescue ships for further assistance.

At 6:55 PM (UTC) on March 2, 3310, an extraordinary explosion rocked the entire Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system with the death of Taranis. Immediately after the explosion, Medicorp attempted to reach the epicenter, but an impenetrable caustic cloud still prevents access. Our organization plans, as soon as it becomes possible, to dispatch ambulances to see if any victims can still be rescued.

Medicorp extends its deepest condolences to the pilots, captives, and their families who could not be saved by our courageous rescuers.