War Threatens Kalak?

This 29 November 3308 marks the beginning of a new phase in the second war against the Thargoids, which started in 3303. While conflicts have been relatively limited and sporadic since that date, they are now of an entirely different nature. Kalak is now only 70 light-years from the front line!

Total war!

The 29th of November, 3308 marks the beginning of a conflict of a much larger scale due to the intensity and number of battles. The appearance of the first Maelstrom “Taranis” and two others on Thursday, December 1, has multiplied the Thargoid forces, now sweeping across the entire bubble. Authorities are overwhelmed and fear the appearance of 6 other Maelstroms spotted in the Galaxy converging towards inhabited systems.

Today, several systems have already fallen and been abandoned by local populations, leaving bases, habitats, stations, and other outposts abandoned in the hands of Thargoid ships. These systems are “dead,” and it will likely take many weeks to drive out the Thargoid forces and attempt to reclaim these territories. The front line spans several hundred light-years, with 50 systems under Thargoid control and 25 experiencing a massive invasion. The fate of the latter depends entirely on the battles against the Thargoids but also on evacuation and resupply efforts.

MediCorp Engaged in the War

“Since the beginning of this invasion, MediCorp rescue teams have been mobilized to operate in the war zones. Regularly intercepted by Thargoid ships, they do not give up on the mission entrusted to them: evacuating pods containing the injured and ensuring a massive evacuation of the populations. For several days, operations have been ongoing relentlessly in the systems defined as priorities by the authorities coordinating galactic-level war operations.

To coordinate these actions, Dr. Major Girard-Mangin, former military doctor, was appointed on December 5th by the high council of the NGO. Her mission will be to define operational priorities, manage war logistics, and supervise the deployment of resources in war zones. Professor Gonzalo Rios-Bray continues to oversee civil operations for MediCorp in areas not affected by the war. Ms. Girard-Mangin spoke this morning a few minutes after her appointment was announced.”

The task that awaits us and awaits the MediCorp rescuers is immense and extremely dangerous. I am particularly honored by this appointment. I will put all my resources and knowledge of war zones at the service of civilians, pilots, and families currently in the clutches of Thargoid invaders. Let’s be clear, I fully share MediCorp’s commitments and rules, I adhere to them completely, but my mission will necessarily impose tactical choices based on methods of war medicine.

We will have to act quickly and intensely because the front line is extremely vast, and its nearest point is less than 70 light-years from Kalak.

For now, we will continue to follow the directives of the various galactic organizations, regardless of their political colors. The priority is given to rescuers to continue evacuation missions in the HIP 23716 system. The Hippocrates remains in the area to provide logistical support to pilots and rescuers engaged. For now, I have asked the Louis Pasteur to stay at the dock because I anticipate a dramatic worsening of the conflict in the coming days.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all the rescuers involved in these war operations. Their courage commands respect. I would also like to thank everyone who supports MediCorp, especially Commander Wariow, who donated a significant amount to the Hippocrates yesterday, ensuring the maintenance of our ship for the months to come.

To work, humanity is faltering!

Medical-Major Girard-Mangin

The Kalaktic