Riots and Famine in Mangkhwal

MediCorp is facing a “stinging failure” in the Mangkhwal system, located about twenty light-years from Kalak. Indeed, for several days, local interests under MediCorp supervision have been in dire straits, and the humanitarian situation is catastrophic.

Populations suffering from a terrible famine, rebelling against Medicorp, and attacking its facilities… it might seem like a bad action movie, given the benevolent aura the NGO has enjoyed since its founding. However, what is happening in Mangkhwal is by no means fiction but the dramatic reality hitting the galactic medical organization, which is not accustomed to handling internal civil security matters.

Our colleagues at the Mangkhwal Republic Times reacted on January 13 and judged Medicorp’s situation particularly harshly:

Finally, the mask falls on this group of medical buffoons. The true face of the arrogant NGO Medicorp is revealed in broad daylight: famine, chaos, riots, lack of coordination, faction support rate at 12%… there you have the reality, previously well-hidden under a too-perfect veneer. Medicorp has several interests in the system but no outposts or major installations. Despite this, the faction can’t even feed its citizens, leading them to revolt and sow chaos throughout the system! How can we blame them?

Despite our inquiries, the lecturers from Kalak have not deigned to respond… Are they going to let all these people starve to death? It seems so! In any case, it’s a failure for Medicorp, a resounding failure!

Mangkhwal Republic Times

MediCorp has been present in the Mangkhwal system for several years to provide assistance. This system, with fewer than 50,000 citizens, has no strategic interest, and the economy was perfectly normal until now. There is no reliable information to date on how such a situation could have occurred and caught the NGO off guard.

For now, MediCorp has issued a press release on the situation:

The events in Mangkhwal are tragic and require absolute priority. We will urgently instruct our rescuers to deliver food and carry out missions in the system to stabilize the situation. The Hippocrates has just been dispatched to the area to provide assistance. At this time, we have no leads that could explain this downturn. While our efforts are undeniably focused on Thargoid war zones, we do not forget our constituents—rest assured. We will not leave anyone in despair.


According to our information, a series of investigations have been initiated to analyze the situation and understand how a famine could erupt just 20 light-years from Kalak without any warning signs. Several theories circulating on social media suggest a major computer failure that completely disrupted the system’s supply lines. However, other possibilities are also being considered: political coup, negligence, corruption, or even personal vendetta.

At this time, none of these theories has been confirmed or denied by MediCorp, which emphasizes that its “absolute priority at the moment is to end this famine and restore calm in the system.”

The Kalakic will keep you informed of the situation’s developments.