A new Medicorp rescue mission

Massive Thargoid Invasion in the Witch Head Nebula on February 16, 3309, has surprised the galactic authorities with its suddenness and severity. Medicorp will temporarily redirect a portion of its resources to provide assistance to the victims.

A short press release from MediCorp this morning announced the immediate dispatch of the ship Hippocrates to the Witch Head Nebula.

As we have feared since the beginning of this second Thargoid war, we must make difficult choices. While the number of systems under attack and in need of our assistance continues to grow at the borders of our systems, it is also our duty to provide aid to those furthest from us. The Witch Head Nebula is located over 800 light-years from Kalak, and few pilots will be able to conduct evacuations over such long distances. Thus, we are dispatching the MHS Hippocrates immediately to go there.

We also intend to send the MHS Louis Pasteur to the area for a few days to ensure that the relief efforts are massive and effective.

At this time, we do not yet know which systems our ships will be stationed in or the duration of this mission. The important thing for now is that help is on the way.

Alicia Holden
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