The Professor Sharrowkyn project

The Professor Kyril Sharrowkyn held a press conference this morning in his laboratory, the Guardians & Thargoids Research Mission Lab, to introduce a new project: commissioning Maelstrom explorers to advance Thargoid science research.

We learned last week that Aegis, just reactivated, is launching work on the development of a caustic siphon that will soon equip our pilots’ ships. For now, Aegis has remained discreet about the operation and performance of this module, but for Professor Sharrowkyn’s laboratory, it is undoubtedly one of the keys to delving deeper into the Maelstroms.

View of a Maelstrom, near the surface.

When I was a child, I loved hearing the age-old stories of explorers on our home planet: Earth. In many ways, for our ancestors, the cradle of humanity was filled with mysteries. It took the engineering and courage of great explorers to face unknown oceans, defy storms, overcome impossible challenges, and discover and learn from the unknown. Gradually, we discovered how our planet worked, propelling research and science forward.

If the new module prepared by Aegis, as we believe, helps limit the caustic effects of the Thargoids, it will greatly change the game regarding these Maelstroms. To this day, we can only penetrate, not without difficulty, the superficial layer of this corrosive structure estimated to be over 100 kilometers in diameter. After a few minutes, even the most robust ships break free. We cannot reach even half the distance that separates us from the center of this anomaly. The interior of the Maelstroms is still unknown to us, and speculations are numerous: some believe that a central structure several tens of kilometers in size is there. Others think that the Maelstrom is a portal to another dimension from which countless Thargoid ships emerge. The only certainties we have to this day are that these structures have moved, there is a connection between them and ammonia worlds, and it is related to the Thargoids. For the rest… we know almost nothing! Perhaps we will learn more in the coming weeks?

In the image of the explorers of Old Earth, I have decided to assemble a team of Maelstrom explorers. These courageous pilots will have to face the waves, stormy waves, manage the corrosiveness of this new environment to try to discover what is there. It is still a bit early to precisely define what these explorers will do and what discoveries they might make, but MediCorp and the Laboratory of the Louis Pasteur are determined to advance research and mobilize the necessary funds to uncover the secrets hidden in these mysterious Maelstroms.

Professor Kyril Sharrowkyn
A Maestrom map by CMDR Dylan DLe (hypothesis)