Rumors or Truths

For the past few days, rumors have been circulating in the halls of Nobel Terminal station in Kalak, as relayed by MediCorp rescuers. The Kalaktic has tried, without success, to shed light on these rumors or projects by contacting the instances of the NGO. So far, the requests have not been accepted.

War’s thunderous sounds tearing through the galaxy—will they suffice to drown out the rumors that rescuers are relaying in Kalak? At this stage, it’s not possible to know if these rumors are true or not. So, what are they?

The first rumor revolves around secret tests conducted on a new assistance tool to aid medics in their actions. Some rescuers claim to have been contacted in recent days by an agency specializing in networks and metadata that goes by the name Air.Cyme-145. Despite our research, this agency has not been clearly identified and doesn’t seem to exist. It is said to be on the verge of winning a new Data & Compilation contract with the NGO for a more accessible and universal version of tools for coordinating and dispatching medical resources. This mysterious firm, like the project itself, remains for now more or less fanciful rumors.

The second rumor, discussed by rescuers upon their return from marauding in Thargoid war zones, concerns a “big move” related to Colonia. For months, it’s been known that MediCorp has increasingly set its sights on this part of the galaxy, which is currently still spared the atrocities of war. One of the rescuers sent by the NGO had visited the area last summer, without any concrete follow-up.

But apparently, the matter is not buried, both by MediCorp and its “contacts” from the Pasteur and Messalina’s daughter laboratories. However, the trio would actually be a quartet if we believe the “individuals closest to the upper echelons.” Indeed, for a few days now, a “very discreet and particularly influential” contact would have proposals to make to the NGO to allow it to expand its scope of action.

Like in a bad spy TV series?

This is the question one can legitimately ask if one listens to these Medicorp rumors. Between fantasies, fatigue, and concern related to the growing Thargoid conflict, fear of the unknown, it is quite possible that rescuers are trying to reassure themselves by imagining the vastest machinations.

Nevertheless, there is no smoke without fire, and the Kalakctic remains fully mobilized to try to unravel this mystery, if it exists at all.