Kalak – MediCorp Press Release

MediCorp has been a leading medical NGO since its foundation in early May 3303, making it 6 years since our inception. It would have been possible to celebrate our 6 years of existence with extravagance and social gatherings, showcasing our numerous successes throughout the Galaxy. We could have highlighted the consistently remarkable actions of our rescuers in combating epidemics, recovering escape pods from the depths of the Milky Way, and extracting helpless victims from blazing stations.

It is not our choice.

Without ceremony or press conference, our choice has been to issue a simple press release at a time when humanity is going through one of its worst crises, facing a growing threat every day.

However, this anniversary will not be bland or without announcement. Yes, MediCorp, fully engaged in supporting the war effort against the Thargoids, is constantly working to fulfill its missions for all pilots, wherever they may be. And our role is to mobilize all necessary resources to accomplish their mission.

A few weeks ago, information from the Kalaktic hinted at an important project on the horizon.

On this anniversary day, we can finally confirm that this information is accurate.

A New Fleet Carrier for MediCorp

Thanks to the exceptional generosity of a pilot, MediCorp will soon have a new Fleet Carrier, over which our organization will have usufruct.

The MHS Mercy of Azeria will not be deployed in the human bubble as the owner, Commander Wariow, wishes. This fully equipped vessel for medical services and operations will serve as a rear base in the Colonia region. This will provide MediCorp with two major advantages: a state-of-the-art medical outpost in the Colonia sector, currently lacking such a facility. The Mercy will operate in the area as a stationary facility capable of accommodating escape pods and serving as an operational HQ.

Moreover, in the event of a more massive Thargoid invasion in the bubble, we would have a protected and ready vessel for emergency deployment.

MediCorp warmly thanks Commander Wariow for the donation of usufruct of the Mercy of Azeria.

From an operational perspective, the Mercy will require several resources in the coming days before its departure for Colonia. Every pilot supporting our values is invited to deliver the necessary goods on board the Louis Pasteur. These items will then be moved to the Mercy before its journey to Colonia.

MediCorp also wants to clarify, in all transparency, that a portion of the vessel will be inaccessible for medical operations and our rescuers. The moral engagement contract with the owner of the Mercy specifies that a part of the ship will remain at the discretion of the owner without us having the right to oversee what happens there.

MediCorp enters a new year of existence and further anchors its operations and actions, which have become crucial in the face of the dangers that await us. This anniversary is, above all, an opportunity to thank all the rescuers who risk their lives to save the lives of others.