20 hours before the tragedy

Few in Kalak, at this hour, are serene and peaceful. Since the morning of May 8, 3309, local news channels have been repeatedly broadcasting updates from the Thargoid front. Earlier in the afternoon, in an urgency that seems absolute, Medicorp’s fleet carriers were dispatched to the borders of the Maelstroms. Will tomorrow be the day of all dangers? The Kalaktic, like all the citizens of the system, are in the most complete fog.

In the early afternoon, Medicorp authorities released this rather cryptic message. No information has been disclosed, and it has not been possible for system journalists to obtain an interview with the leaders of the rescue NGO.

For several weeks, Galnet has been buzzing with reports of significant developments in the Maelstroms. Probes seem to have (finally!) penetrated the waves of toxic clouds at the center of which undoubtedly lurks one of the greatest powers and threats humanity has ever faced. “They know we’re coming,” insists Seo Jin-ae, also known as Subject D-2 for the INRA, on all channels for the past four days.

We feel that something huge is in preparation

It is probably the most commonly spoken phrase by the residents of Kalak when our journalists interview them. “Something is happening, it’s obvious, and it’s probably for the very next hours.” Few will be the inhabitants of our system, or even the Galaxy, who can close their eyes tonight, apprehending what tomorrow might hold for us.

It is no coincidence that MediCorp’s announcement regarding the departure of the MHS Mercy for Colonia was made this week. Under the guise of an anniversary, it is likely that MediCorp fears the worst and acts in absolute urgency to dispatch a new hospital ship carrying huge quantities of goods, data, and equipment to more than 22,000 light-years away.

No, it is certainly not a coincidence, as the other two carriers left their dry dock in Kalak earlier today, heading for a few dozen light-years from two Maelströms in a suddenness that surprised everyone.

MediCorp probably knows something. And that something is undoubtedly as important as it is dangerous, to the point that no official from the NGO is speaking tonight….

Tonight, we know nothing, but we fear the worst. So, we invite you to spend this night with your loved ones, with family or friends. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow, tomorrow… may be different….

The Kalaktic