The Galnet reported on February 13, 3310, that catastrophic earthquakes have struck the planet Rhea 3 (see the article). MediCorp is mobilizing the Hippocartes and preparing to provide assistance by heading to the Zibel system.

A Capital Destroyed and Millions of Victims

According to multiple sources, the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the northern continent of planet Rhea 3 appears to be catastrophic. The capital, New Greenacre, is reported to be destroyed, with the death toll potentially reaching several million.

This morning, MediCorp authorities dispatched the MHS Hippocrates to the Zibel system, located 10 light-years away from Rhea.

The federal authorities have locked down the Rhea system, preventing any additional fleet carriers from entering. We have decided to position the Hippocrates in one of the nearest systems, Zibel. This system will serve as a bridgehead for MediCorp operations in the sector. As of now, no requests have been made to the galactic community and pilots, but it’s highly likely that assistance requests may be made by tomorrow.

Currently, the MediCorp personnel aboard the Hippocrates are preparing to receive a large number of victims.We’ll likely also be able to provide medicines, emergency shelters, and any necessary equipment if request.

MediCorp has also informed its rescuers that they may be called upon in the coming days to participate in the rescue operations.

The Kalaktic