Breaking News: Mysterious Signals Detected – A revelation surfaced today across social networks by the Canonn Research Group regarding peculiar signals intercepted by Fleet Carriers. Throughout the day, numerous reports from both the Kalak system and the Bubble confirm these occurrences. A concealed message within an audio distortion reveals the ominous phrase: ‘(DA)YS ARE NUMBERED.’

Days are numbered?

Barely into the year 3310, a threat seems to loom over our galaxy. Although, at this point, it is prudent to exercise caution regarding this message that some dismiss as a ‘New Year’s prank,’ several indicators point towards the Thargoid trail. Indeed, according to certain experts, among them CMD Fred89210, the audio distortion bears striking resemblances to recordings made in Thargoid-infested areas.

Furthermore, all Fleet Carriers appear affected by the phenomenon. Completely randomly and without apparent pattern, the antennae of fleet carriers pick up this strange signal (for now, no confirmation for fleet carriers stationed in Colonia). The sound, analyzed via spectrogram, reveals the enigmatic message ‘(DA)YS ARE NUMBERED,’ as seen below.

Spectrogram of the sound captured by the Louis Pasteur in Kalak.

This phrase could be interpreted in a thousand ways, but the one causing the most frenzy on social media is ‘the days are numbered.’

For now, no official statement has been issued on Galnet, nor by the authorities of MediCorp, who have simply stated being ‘deeply concerned about this development’ while remaining ‘attentive to any changes.’ They also expressed satisfaction in ‘not authorizing the retrieval and revival of bio-capsules extracted from the Titans.’ This announcement from MediCorp appears to draw a direct link between the two matters and is certainly not without significance.

The antennas of the Louis Pasteur captured the signal on January 7, 3310.

Sound captured by the Louis Pasteur.