A large recruitment campaign was launched by the NGO Medicorp earlier this week throughout the galaxy. The emerging threats, numerous famines, and natural disasters require an increasing number of rescuers.

Recruitment in all languages!

For ensuring to reach the widest possible audience and inspire vocations in everyone, Medicorp has been offering all its tools, resources, and charters in several languages for the past few days. The Head of Communication, Clara Jester-Commicke, shared her thoughts on this new open strategy:

Medicorp has been in existence since 3303 and is now the leading independent and non-governmental search and rescue organization. Thanks to our courageous rescuers, we have recovered hundreds of thousands of escape pods, extinguished hundreds of epidemics, and evacuated tens of thousands of civilians from blazing stations.

However, we cannot be everywhere, and we need more pilots. Therefore, Medicorp has changed its strategy: We have significantly increased R&D resources to stay at the forefront of technology, making our rescuers’ work even more efficient. Today, we are launching a recruitment campaign using posters that we will distribute everywhere… even in the strangest places! Language is no longer a problem… even if you have a way with words!

Clara Jester-Commic

To join Medicorp, a centralized hub (Discord) is open: https://discord.gg/CEUWJrN99y

Recruitment Campaign Posters (for free distribution)