The war against the Thargoids has made a major advancement in recent days thanks to a new type of weapon. This weapon, used against the titans, allows us to weaken them and, perhaps, destroy them. The countdown has begun.

The last of Taranis

In this war, all military forces are currently focused on the titan Taranis. It has been under very violent attacks since Monday and could potentially be destroyed by the end of this weekend.

Given the urgency and violence of the battles, Medicorp has decided to launch an operation to rescue the last remaining bio-storage capules still trapped inside the Titan. The NGO’s fear is that the destruction of Taranis could lead to the death of thousands of prisoners.

Too Late for this Operation?

As Medicorp tries to negotiate a slowdown in the fighting to allow the extraction of the capsules, several voices are raised against the NGO, accusing it of having taken too long to initiate this operation.

“Yes, we have delayed, but things have been moving very quickly since the beginning of this week. Be assured that we will do everything possible to save as many people as possible.” Medicorp emphasized, asking its rescuers to focus their efforts on extracting the bio-storage capules from Taranis. The Hippocrates could not reach the conflict zone, already saturated, but the Louis Pasteur has been made available to everyone in the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-3 system.