Here’s the translation:

The issue of Medicorp’s development in Colonia remains a case that the NGO has no intention of dropping. In order to optimize travel, the company Foxytech Transport Logistics has proposed a temporary partnership to streamline travel between the bubble and Colonia.

Bridge between the Bubble and Colonia

Despite various logistical issues and significant inflation on Tritium, the testing phase will indeed take place.

What is it about?

It’s about a free transportation system, for now, offering pilots willing to make the journey (for themselves, their ships, and their modules) between the two zones without handling it themselves. Foxytech will offer until August to test a weekly journey between the Bubble and Colonia. One of its fleet’s ships will head to Colonia on Thursday while another will return to the Bubble.

Medicorp has high hopes for this service:

We will offer, simply and at no cost during the testing phase, which will last several months, to travel to Colonia and back without worrying about the journey. The destruction of the first three Titans leaves us a small window of time to act: we aim to continue developing our activities in Colonia, but the journey often presents a major obstacle for our rescuers. This service proposed by Foxytech is an opportunity that we want to offer to our brave pilots.

We are convinced that offering a weekly round trip should greatly facilitate matters and reassure pilots who fear returning too late in case of large-scale operations in the human bubble.


A rare occurrence, CMDR James Wariow, at the helm of Foxytech Corporation, granted a brief interview to the officials of Medicorp.

Colonia is a sanctuary preserved from most criminals, terrorists, power wars, and of course, Thargoid assaults. Yet, its access remains difficult for many, which probably explains this tranquility. I have always worked to make Colonia viable. Initially, by providing fuel for the carriers. Then goods for technology brokers, and finally ships and their modules, which can be easily modified thanks to the sector’s particularly skilled engineers. However, Foxytech is in constant communication with Omnipol to prohibit access on board to commanders with notoriety. There is no question of facilitating the transfer of criminals.

CMDR Wariow

This service is already operational, and the testing period will end next August. Depending on the results and logistical considerations, the partnership may evolve, be maintained, or suspended.

In the meantime, it’s possible to take advantage of these transports every Thursday departing from the Kalak system to the Bubble and the Ratraii system to Colonia.

The Kalaktic


For more and get details about the trips, the following are available:

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