Across the galaxy, only a few dozen pilots, partners of a specific program, have had the chance to test in advance the Python MKII, available on the market on August 7th. One of them is a Medicorp representative.

A Hit & Run rescue ship?

Since 1st May 3310, Medicorp has been conducting tests to evaluate the new Python MKII. This variant of the first-generation model is much less versatile and typically intended for combat. However, its particularity, allowing it to use the new SCO FSD module with great efficiency, makes it a ship that the NGO has decided to focus on. Here are the test pilot’s feedback:

Certainly, the ship has fewer optional internal spaces than its brother and benefits from an additional hardpoint slot, which obviously doesn’t interest Medicorp at all. First of all, it’s a combat-oriented ship that can probably compete with the Fer-de-Lance. But it shouldn’t be dismissed outright for integration into our hangar. Indeed, my sensations with this Python are good. I find it more maneuverable and responsive than the existing model. By working its thrusters, it can easily exceed 500 m/s, which is an asset in many situations.

Certainly, choices must be made for its equipment. It probably won’t be as versatile for evacuation missions. Its destiny is likely elsewhere.

It’s with its SCO FSD module that it shines. In supercruise, once the module is activated, it heats up much less. With a basic 5C module, it doesn’t even go above 65% temperature, it’s incredible! As for stability during these phases of full speed offered by the latest Achilles FSDs, it’s practically incomparable with other ships. This Python MKII has a special hull that we need to take advantage of.

Its role is gradually taking shape, and it’s that of an ultra-fast intervention, search, and rescue ship. To my eyes, it’s a sort of “hit and run” ship allowing, for example, to quickly snatch the pods collected by the Thargoids before fleeing fast and far. We still need to test and familiarize ourselves with this ship, and it’s still too early to know if it will receive flight authorization for the NGO, but its potential is very real!

CMDR Aymerix

At present, Medicorp authorities have not yet decided on the fate of the Python MKII within the NGO, but according to our sources, it is highly likely to receive its official approval fairly soon.

The Kalactic