[Part 3] Déméter, INRA & the LAB

In the previous parts, we have been able to examine what led Alvinia de Messalina to flee the Consilium and establish her Horde as well as MediCorp. However, the conclusion of our investigation has highlighted the very foundation of the motivations of the former spokesperson after her defection.

Illustration: Kaminska de Messalina

INRA and Déméter, from Genius to Madness

The 9th of October 3303, in the evening, the Atlantis Wing is in turmoil. While the galaxy’s attention is elsewhere, Alvinia has an incredible intuition that the Atlanteans are on the verge of finding the bases of the INRA (Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm), this almost mystical paramilitary organization that conducted research on Thargoids around the 3100s (see announcement).

The Atlantis Wing and its allies that evening found the first (before others of the same type) INRA base before any other pilots in the galaxy. This success, kept discreet in the media, is a crucial moment for Alvinia de Messalina and her Horde. The culmination of her sacrifices and her incredible intuition.

What is noteworthy is that absolutely no one noticed that the Horde was the first on the scene and was able to collect what interested them for many hours before the galactic authorities and scientific bodies arrived on site.

The Kalaktic is not able to prove what was found and collected by ADM and her men that day, but it is evident that it must be significant. Significant to the point where the project that ADM had secretly been working on since May of the same year would take a different direction.

The project in question is called Déméter, and it borders on sheer madness. Alvinia allegedly had the extravagant ambition, undoubtedly due to the poison that was eating away at her, to sequence the DNA of a new human. Her project was nothing short of seeding a planet with characteristics as close as possible to Earth with flawless human DNA. Nothing less!

She even mobilized vast operations throughout the galaxy to map and find a planet suitable for her project.

This is where the question of Research and Exploration converge, driving the projects of the Horde.

What may have been retrieved from the INRA bases that famous night of October 9, 3303, is potentially so significant that the Déméter project, as crazy as it may sound, may not (or may have) become a reality!

The spectre of Déjanire

Dans several writings, we find traces of this master assassin, Dorian Déjanire, described as a genetic and chemical genius, working alongside Alvinia de Messalina for much of her journey. Déjanire had two roles: to develop the genetic code of this neo-human as part of Déméter and to find an antidote to the poison that was ravaging ADM.

In a testamentary letter addressed to her daughter, Kaminska de Messalina, Alvinia reveals the unthinkable: Déjanire and she are one and the same (see the letter).

Alvinia was thus ill, ravaged by a poison that disturbed her brain to the point of imagining wild projects, experiencing hallucinations, and delusional phases. At the same time, this poison seems to have multiplied her cognitive abilities to unimaginable proportions, making her a true genetic genius! The two sides of the same coin, again and again.

The seven bells order and the Lab

The funding for projects like Déméter and MediCorp, which required astronomical sums to launch, did not flow freely for the Horde in its early days. So, the question arises: where did the funding come from?

The answer lies in the HIP 16813 system, within an astonishing station carved into an asteroid called Sister’s Refuge… a name seemingly destined!

The Order of the Seven Bells, this matriarchal theocracy, was a crucial encounter for Alvinia de Messalina and likely marked the final chapter of her work.

On December 28, 3303, The Orichalque landed at Sister’s Refuge, and Alvinia immediately felt a great sympathy, reciprocated, for her hosts, to the point that she considered this place “her new home.” (see the story)

Our research indicates that she would have had access to all the equipment and funding necessary for her projects within the station.

To such an extent that the Sisters of the Seven Bells, whose resources seem practically limitless, offered Alvinia an Outpost for her to establish herself there.

Birth of the Lab

It seems plausible that the presence of Alvinia and her “special” projects somewhat disturbed the tranquility of Sister’s Refuge station. This is when the LAB is born. The Sisters offer Alvinia de Messalina a new home: it is bequeathed to Alvinia by the sisters, and she becomes its full owner. It is a small Outpost located in a system with no inhabitants.

Initially, there were 17 individuals who settled there in the utmost secrecy. Since then, the system has become populated, but the LAB still remains.

If you have the soul of a traveler, you can visit. THE LAB ADM is established in the HIP 82629 system at Snowdon Port outpost.

Kaminska & The LAB

Since her death, ADM’s hidden daughter seems to continue her mother’s work on Snowdon Port where she resides.

The majority of the Horde seems to be dispersed today, and few pilots who participated in this adventure have been contacted by us.

We were also unable to interview Kaminska de Messalina, the hidden daughter until the death of the former spokesperson of the Consilium and the leader of the Black Birds at the time. She later became the manager of the Horde.

Kaminska appears to be fully involved in the affairs of the Lab, with some of our sources indicating that it continues its scientific research and has specialized in genetic patents. Some rumors suggest that the Lab is also engaged in industrial espionage in the field of science.

To date, this allegation has not been proven.


As for the preliminary question of the link between all these elements, here is what we can deduce today:

The Lab continues its existence, partially occult, and seems to be the consequence and partial continuation of ADM’s Horde. It is likely that the potentially harvested elements from the INRA bases are still in its possession.

We have found no information on any continuation of the Déméter project.

MediCorp is completely disconnected from the Horde in terms of funding and management. From the beginning, Alvinia de Messalina handed over the reins to the NGO and seems to have turned away from it to focus on her research at Sister’s Refuge Station and then on Snowdon Port.


Throughout this nearly 2-year investigation, I faced many challenges, bribed despicable individuals, and took incredible risks. But all this time, I must admit I was deeply torn between a strong admiration and a sense of unease regarding Alvinia de Messalina.

I never knew her, so my opinion is inevitably subject to interpretation. However, I deeply believe that Alvinia was as brilliant as she was insane. She likely sensed that the polished discourse of the Consilium was nothing but a mirage and that things are not as black and white as they are sometimes made out to be.

She never stopped searching for her truth. Perhaps to escape her destiny. Perhaps to atone for what that destiny, since her earliest childhood, had compelled her to do. She managed to protect most of her secrets and the nature of the poison that consumed her until her grave. She also proved to be a mother, protecting her daughter to the extent of never revealing her existence.

Alvinia de Messalina died on November 24, 3305, at 21:45. According to the black box recordings retrieved by the Kalactik, her Cobra caught fire after being hit by gunfire outside the Samson station. She failed to reach the escape pod or be rescued by MediCorp, the rescue organization she had created.

To this day, her remains are still in the hands of the Consilium and have never been returned.

I would have liked to meet her, if only to be certain of knowing her truth.

Iris THAUMAS – The Kalaktic


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