(Re)birth of MediCorp

In the continuation of our Grand Investigation on Alvinia de Messalina, the Kalactic suggests revisiting the (re)birth of MediCorp. Rebirth or Birth? The question is legitimate, and our reporter, Iris THAUMAS, already behind the previous investigation, might surprise you: Was MediCorp founded under the impulse of the former spokesperson of the Black Birds, or is it a much older organization?

Before delving into this article, we recommend reading the three-part investigation on Alvinia de Messalina: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


It is now an established fact: MediCorp is linked to the fate of two women who have mysteriously disappeared under remarkably similar circumstances. These two women, both strong-willed and highly active in politics, met their demise aboard their respective ships, shot down by pursuers. The first, born in the Prism system, died on April 29, 3303, in the Anumclaw system. The second, born in Crevit, met her end in front of the Samson station in Munfayl on November 24, 3305, nearly three years ago. While Salomé, also known as Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, carried a message of great importance, Alvinia de Messalina’s fate was also tied to the desire to reveal a truth: primarily about the Thargoids, with the Atlante report, but also about the existence of her previously unknown daughter, Kaminska de Messalina.

But beyond these perplexing similarities, these parallel destinies raise the question of their connection. Did they ever meet, and more importantly, how could these two women be linked to MediCorp?

Medicorp & Salomé

Very few details confirm Salomé’s connection to MediCorp. To be more precise, Salomé did not create MediCorp; rather, this NGO was established and activated under the impetus of Alvinia de Messalina. However, MediCorp and Salomé are indeed linked. One dies on April 29, 3303, and MediCorp is announced on April 30, the day after (to be read here)! On April 30, 3303, the Horde (Wing Atlantis) is over 11,000 light-years away from the system where Salomé met her tragic end. It navigates through the territories of Formidine Rift and Zurara, this ship also linked to Salomé. Several pilots of the Horde participated in this long night where they had to escort the Senator so she could deliver her message. Several pilots we interviewed reported the long hours of waiting in empty systems where Salomé’s Imperial Clipper was supposed to pass. Some saw nothing, as they were dispatched on alternative routes, while others caught sight of the legendary ship refueling its FSD reactor before continuing on its way. But all heard the cries, the interference, and the fateful news: “She’s dead… it’s confirmed… Salomé is dead.”

The next day, Alvinia de Messalina learned the news and summoned the Governor of the Horde to ask him “to buy Type 6 ships, paint them red and white, and turn them into rescue ships” with the goal of “[…] setting up a rescue corps within the Horde, a specialized wing. Its mission will be to go to conflict zones and search for all rescue pods and bring them back to the Fleet. Every victim, regardless of their past actions, will be treated and welcomed within the Horde.”

Thus, the shock caused by Salomé’s death and the search for a rescue pod that led Alvinia de Messalina to decide to create MediCorp.

And so, in early May 3303, MediCorp was born, the NGO as we know it. Since that date, the cooperative has structured and established itself in the Kalak system.

From the Horde to Kalak

Gradually, great distances were established between the Atlantis Wing (and its laboratory) and MediCorp. The NGO diversified its activities, multiplied its actions and interventions, organized expeditions, and other rescue operations. The public got to know Dr. Gonzalo Rios-Bray, who oversees the entire organization from Nobel Terminal station in Kalak. It is in this system that MediCorp established a headquarters in an improvised manner and then, barely a year after its creation, officially in April 3304. Since then, MediCorp has opened numerous branches and offices in nearly a dozen systems (see the list of systems and stations approved by MediCorp).

In addition to the operations and actions we will discuss, the second part of this article will reveal that MediCorp may be much older than we might think!

Salomé Requiem

Salomé Requiem

If you wish, you can listen to the final messages left by Salomé. On June 30, 3303, a encrypted transmission led to the HIP 17519 system to a medical installation in orbit around planet A1. There you can listen to the journals.

Iris THAUMAS – Le Kalaktic.