[Part 2] The Horde & the foundation of MediCorp

The first part of our article has provided context, with the usual reservations, for the events that led to Alvinia de Messalina’s departure from the Consilium. Paradoxically, while it was easier to investigate the Consilium, everything related to the time of ADM’s Horde remains more confusing. The era, the sequence of events, and the few written traces likely explain this observation.

As an illustration: Doctor Marion Na’thai

A dramatic departure

At the beginning of March 3303, Alvinia, still dressed in ceremonial attire, jumped into her faithful Cobra and definitively left Munfayl (see “The Horde” and the article in Vox Veritas). But this abrupt departure was nonetheless prepared, probably several weeks in advance. It should be noted that ADM did not leave alone, and several members of the Squadron, starting with their leader, joined the escape. A fleet was assembled and fled without leaving any trace of its routes.

From then on, aboard her flagship “L’Orichalque,” Alvinia de Messalina and her band of felons began a new life based on research and exploration. Some sources within the Consilium indicate that ADM left with a significant reserve of credits. These pieces of information actually turned out to be false. As some texts suggest, ADM’s Horde resorted to piracy to meet its needs (read the text).

Traces of the Horde can be found in several places, notably in the direction of the Formidine Rift, where several investigations seem to have been conducted. While the Horde’s destinations may seem erratic or improvised, we can now confirm that Alvinia was indeed searching for something.

Meanwhile, the Consilium declared the former spokesperson a criminal, and her head was put on a bounty, only to be granted amnesty a year later (see the Vox article). The confusion was undoubtedly total within the Consilium, although the latter, refusing to lose face, published tributes to its “dear departed” (see the article).

The Sorek Case and the Atlante Report

If Alvinia left the Consilium taking with her many commanders and ships, it seems that an ultra-confidential report was also stolen. This report, called Sorek, is surrounded by mysteries and bloody affairs (as is often the case when dealing with the Consilium).

In January 3303, a researcher under the pseudonym Myriam Tahani was escorted by the leader of the Black Birds as part of special missions called “Mercurius.” Upon her arrival at the destination, the young woman was murdered, undoubtedly by the BBC (see the accounts about Myriam Tahani: Part 1 and Part 2).

Our research led us to another slightly older case linked to this assassination.

In November 3302, a researcher named Marion Na’thai (who is none other than Myriam Tahani, an anagram) was working in one of the laboratories of the LARA (a Consilium laboratory under the responsibility of the highly controversial Professor KT Steinman, now deceased). She was responsible for analyzing Thargoid artifacts and apparently stumbled upon information significant enough to warrant a report to her superiors. The report eventually disappeared, prompting the young researcher to discuss it directly with the spokesperson of the Consilium, posing as a journalist.

It was during this meeting, in September 3302, that the destiny of Alvinia de Messalina would change. The information from this report, since returned to the Consilium by the Horde, is a bomb that could destroy the Consilium. The conclusion is simple: there is no evidence of Thargoid hostility, nor that there is only one species. The Consilium has based all its power on the fear of Thargoid invasion, and a less dark alternative would have dramatic consequences for them.

It is therefore this report, and the sacrifice of Doctor Marion Na’thai, that would have prompted Alvinia de Messalina to slam the door on the Black Birds and set out in search of answers and evidence with her nomadic fleet.

The birth of MediCorp

Il is now beyond doubt that the Horde’s main priorities were exploration and research. (We will address in the final part the discovery of INRA bases by the Horde and its consequences for the Lab.) It is therefore highly likely that many of its members were researchers, scientists, geneticists, and so on. Moreover, research and medical equipment must undoubtedly have been central to this fleet.

All the necessary elements were thus present for MediCorp to come into existence. It only required a triggering element: This element was Salomé!

Indeed, our investigation led us to recordings of Salomé’s escape on April 29, 3303, which revealed that several members of the Wing Atlantis (ADM’s Horde) participated in the escort. After Salomé’s destruction, they also actively participated in the search for her remains.

Three days later, on May 1, 3303, Alvinia de Messalina founded MediCorp and diverted the bulk of the Horde’s equipment and human resources to establish her new project.

Was it a mirror effect or a realization that prompted Alvinia de Messalina and her entourage to create this now indispensable NGO? The Kalaktic cannot prove it.

Iris THAUMAS – The Kalaktic.