The Hippocrates playing both sides?

Yesterday afternoon, the Hippocrates left the Kalak system to travel less than 60 light-years to Wandrama to carry out its rescue missions. However, several pilots are questioning the possible hidden reasons behind this unexpected move.

Of course, MediCorp officials have brushed aside all rumors and speculations circulating on social media since this morning. However, the Galactic has conducted several interviews in the morning with pilots, rescuers, or administrators. All of them, with cautious words and a certain reserve, are questioning the situation. It was news from Azimuth that surprised the inhabitants of the bubble systems yesterday afternoon. After the chaos caused by the Proteus Wave, the consequences of which are probably not yet fully known, Azimuth seems to persist in its growth ambitions by calling on willing pilots to deliver resources to replace the Bright Sentinel and the Heart of Taurus destroyed in the HIP 22460 system. Just minutes after this announcement, a call to prevent deliveries was also launched by the opponents, quite numerous, to Azimuth.

Less than an hour later, MediCorp moved the Hippocrates to the Wandrama system, located less than 60 Al from Kalak, to “carry out its rescue and relief missions.” It was at this moment that several rumors began to spread. Here are some opinions and exchanges that can be found on the networks of Kalak and neighboring areas:

“Don’t you find it strange that MediCorp sent its fleet within 60 Al when all our ambulances can get there in less than 3 jumps? Honestly, it’s suspicious. What’s the point of going so close for an operation that’s nothing out of the ordinary?”

Anonymous Medicorp rescuer

Dese storyz are nonsens. If dey wanted to bloc the sistem, dey shud have sent the Louise Pasteur too! Anywey, I aplaud dem. It serves Azimuth and der bunch of idiots rite.

Adept of the Bouts Rouges league

Despite our requests, MediCorp authorities have refused to react to these messages. Does this indicate a total disinterest in these “rumors,” or do these rumors hit the mark? While the question of rescue efforts is certainly not in doubt, it is legitimate to wonder about MediCorp’s possible stance. Indeed, during the events in HIP 22460, MediCorp had already expressed, albeit cautiously, some criticisms towards Azimuth. Mindful of remaining neutral, MediCorp authorities had done everything possible to not clearly align themselves as opponents to the firm’s projects. The question raised is therefore quite simple:

Could mandating the Hippocrates be a means of indirectly disrupting deliveries for Azimuth in Wandrama? Indeed, the number of carrier ships per system is regulated and limited by the Pilots’ Federation. Sending a ship with an empty cargo hold occupies a slot in this system, undercutting traders whose carrier ships are filled with material to deliver. If MediCorp intentionally acted accordingly and it is proven, the matter is quite serious as it could jeopardize the neutrality of the NGO. In any case, the tactic is certainly effective and subtle!

The mystery remains unsolved. In any case, rescue operations are currently underway in the Wandrama system.

The Kalaktic