Chief Medical Officer Kali Girard-Mangin, the head of operations and coordination for MediCorp in the war against the Thargoids, has recently announced the implementation of a large-scale operation for MediCorp rescuers.

Preliminary information has been revealed about the large-scale rescue operation that MediCorp is planning for the coming weeks. According to Kali Girard-Mangin, this is an operation…

“… to this day unprecedented and whose repercussions could be unprecedented in this war. By mobilizing all of our resources on a single system, we will demonstrate the power that rescuers can deploy, creating a momentum for this type of operation. If we manage to achieve our goals, we are convinced that many still undecided pilots will join the ranks of rescuers, convinced of our usefulness and role.”

Kali Girard-Mangin

At this stage, the administrative organizations of Medicorp are coordinating to define the system targeted by this operation called “Operation Hope of Esculape.” The date is not yet known, but it should take place in the second half of June and last for one week.

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