Statement from Gonzalo Rios-Bray, the former head of MediCorp, on the ‘Operation Hope of Esculape’

Life Seekers

Since our foundation in May 3303, we have always believed in this “other path,” what many may consider secondary but what we, rescuers, prioritize above all else. This is what we are: Life Seekers! Wherever it may be, whoever its host is, and whatever its past, we devote ourselves entirely to finding and saving it. Let the vipers hiss. Let the black birds of ill omen squawk. We believe in this unique and singular thing, and we work for this cause.

While an unprecedented war strikes systems just light-years away from us, the rescuers of MediCorp continue their mission tirelessly. Of course, over the years, our resources have greatly improved. We have created a haven of peace and hospitality in Kalak, and in the coming days, we are adding a new hospital ship, the MHS Mercy, to our fleet, which will join the Colonia sector shortly. We are legion, but few in the face of the infinite task that is ours.

But we continue to believe. To act.

It is in this spirit that we will soon launch a coordinated operation to save as many lives as possible in a system attacked by the Thargoids. The name of this system is not yet known, but I can announce that this operation will take place between June 22 and June 28.

Whoever you are, regardless of your equipment and experience. Whatever your ship, you can participate in this operation to evacuate escape pods of the wounded or civilian refugees.

This is what we are, and this is what we will prove: being a Life Seeker is a means of struggle at least as powerful as Azimuth’s oversized cannons!

See you on June 22, my friends, to freely participate and contribute at your level to Operation “Hope of Esculapius.”

Gonzalo Rios-Bray

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