On May 30, 3309, one of the MediCorp rescuers, CMDR KTMan, was rescued with only a few minutes of oxygen remaining. Thanks to the galactic specialists in rescue and repairs, the Hull Seals, the MediCorp rescuer was able to escape the clutches of death.

CMDR KTMan kindly agreed to answer our questions and share his experience.

Hello Commander, you have just been rescued by the Hull Seals, can you tell us how your accident happened?

I was conducting an exobiology mission, coupled with exploration. My ultimate goal was to reach a nearby black hole near the galactic center. At a little over 1600 light-years from SOL, I was notified that MediCorp was launching a large-scale operation (Espoir d’Esculape).

So I considered returning to the Bubble. Additionally, it worked out well since a too daring maneuver on a planet caused some damage to my hull.

I set the course for the Bubble.

This route passed through LHS 1044, a white dwarf. Usually, it doesn’t pose any problem for me, having several long journeys under my belt. I’m not sure why, but during my entry into the “cone,” my ship (a Krait Phantom) did a 180° turn and went into the exclusion zone. I tried to maneuver to escape, but it was too late. Everything started to malfunction, starting with the thrusters; any maneuver became impossible. Even a jump with the FSD was no longer feasible because it also malfunctioned.

If pilots are more familiar with the Fuel Rats, the Hull Seals may be less known to the general public. However, they came to your rescue. How did that happen?

[RP Out]

I was able to contact them through their dedicated platform following a message on the Medicorp Discord. After a quick description of my emergency situation (hull, canopy, oxygen synthesis possible, remaining oxygen time), I was contacted by CMDR xx_WOODY74_xx. He explained a plan and dispatched a Fleet Carrier (the Arf Royal).

I preferred to postpone the rescue until the next day since it was late.

The next day, I was able to execute the proposed plan, which went very well.

The plan was as follows: unlocking via the main menu, then restarting/repairing the ship (which I had to do twice), rushing towards the Fleet Carrier, and docking as quickly as possible. I ended up with 16% hull and 30 seconds of oxygen. It was close, but I’m safe and sound.

[RP In]

I sent an emergency message to MediCorp. It was advised to quickly send a MayDay to the Hull Seals. Fortunately, CMDR Woody responded and immediately dispatched a Fleet Carrier (the Arf Royal). Thankfully, with an unlocking maneuver, I was able to perform two repair and restart procedures. During this time, I had to breathe slowly to conserve my oxygen, which was rapidly decreasing. Once restarted, I blindly approached the Fleet Carrier, as my canopy was completely shattered. I finally managed to dock with only 16% hull and just 30 seconds of oxygen remaining, right before the oxygen synthesis (a few meters from the Fleet Carrier).

As part of this accident, did you observe any specific emergency procedures?

[RP Out]

At first, it’s crucial to log out! Then, it’s extremely important to wait for the rescuer’s green light before initiating the rescue plan!

After that, you need to initiate an unlocking procedure (via the main menu).

[RP In]

The first thing to do is to log out and power down your systems. It seems that being offline somehow preserves your ship’s systems. After that, you need to wait for the rescuer’s signal, initiate an unlocking maneuver, and this maneuver is effective, but it must be executed at the right moment because there is only a short time left to reach the Fleet Carrier.

About you, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with MediCorp?

I chose to join MediCorp to participate in the war against the Thargoid war. I do not wish to engage in combat. I have fought in the past, and I prefer to save lives – the lives of innocents who are directly affected by this brutal invasion.

What experience do you draw from this adventure? Any advice to give to other pilots?

Despite multiple journeys to Sagittarius A*, Colonia, Beagle Point, I thought I knew the navigation around the most dangerous stars of the Milky Way. No, the universe will always prove us wrong. Travel with caution, commanders.