Arrived and operational

In the evening of June 16, 3309, the MHS Mercy joined its operational base in the Colonia region. The services of the third vessel contracted by MediCorp are now operational and available in the Ratraii system.

The captain of the Mercy congratulated this morning on the successful deployment of MediCorp’s new medical vessel.

The journey went very smoothly, and the damages, normal for an inaugural voyage, were minimal. I can announce that all services are operational, and on the Mercy, you will find everything you need for equipment, repairs, and even entertainment at the bar. Most importantly, the recovery and handling services for the pods found by rescuers are also fully functional and ready to receive whatever MediCorp pilots wish to deposit on board. Our genetics and research laboratory is also open and can receive all the samples you find.

CMDR Kelbor Hal is on board the Mercy

Commander Kelbor, who is in contact with MediCorp in the Colonia region, has boarded the Mercy to establish his quarters as planned. He will continue to coordinate MediCorp’s rescue operations in the Colonia region from this new hospital ship.

The MHS Mercy has set its operational base in the Ratraii system, where it will remain stationary.