Departure imminent

We learned in the evening that the Mercy would soon set sail to reach its deployment zone in the Colonia region.

Medicorp announced on the evening of June 11, 3309, that the third carrier made available to them was ready to set sail in the coming days. As planned, the Mercy will join the Colonia region to establish a fully operational medical outpost. The Medicorp area manager, Commander Kelbor Hal, will set up his headquarters there as soon as the Mercy arrives.

The departure is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, in the evening (around 8 p.m.) from the Mitnahas system and is expected to last several days. Commanders who wish to do so can already land on the Mercy to take advantage of the carrier to reach Colonia. It should be noted that very few services are currently available, and only one ship can be stored, as the hangars are not yet operational.

It will be once in Colonia (by next weekend) that new services will be activated. In addition, in just under a week, the Mercy will be able to receive and handle the escape pods found by the rescue commanders in Colonia and nearby systems.