The operation led by Medicorp rescuers in the Garongxians system has been successful. The NGO congratulates the participants, and the evacuees express warm thanks to the rescue pilots.

Impressive results

The “Hope of Esculapius” operation was a gamble by the Medicorp NGO to repel a Thargoid invasion by focusing efforts on rescue operations. The outcome is quite impressive: According to official sources published by MediCorp, 3388 escape pods were evacuated, and 9726 civilians were saved by Medicorp’s ships. This significant figure represents a substantial portion of the evacuations in the Garongxians system. In just 4 days, Thargoid forces were pushed back from Garongxians, confirming the ‘very great power of humanitarian operations,’ as emphasized by the head of operations.

Kali Girard-Mangin expressed, ‘Our weapons are courage and tenacity; once again, we prove that the path of rescue is a credible and undeniably powerful alternative in the service of humanity. We encourage rescuers to continue following this example to repel, with pacifism, the invasion that occupies us.’

Since last week, the Hippocrates and Louis Pasteur ships have returned to Kalak, while the rescuers have had a few well-deserved days of rest to enjoy the summer and the tranquility that reigns far from the front line.

Operation Details: Link to Operation Hope of Aesculapius