Medicorp officially launched its extensive rescue operation ‘Hope of Esculapius’ at 13:00 on June 22, 3309.

Rescuers are called to go to Garongxians

Medicorp released a brief statement today in Kalak, emphasizing that the operation, in preparation for several weeks, was officially launched. With the aim of testing rescue capabilities in the war against the Thargoids, Medicorp will mobilize a significant portion of its resources in the coming days. Voluntary rescuers are invited to evacuate as many civilians and wounded as possible, and the two fleet carriers (Hippocrates and Louis Pasteur) will be dispatched as close as possible to the Garongxians system in the next few hours, etc.

The Garongxians system is under massive attack, and several outposts are already in flames. This system is home to over 10 billion inhabitants, and their fate will be sealed in the coming week. Without massive evacuation, the invasion will be total, and the system could fall under Thargoid control. Medicorp rescuers are urged to do everything possible to prevent this situation. However, they will face several challenges: hyperdictions, interdictions, and the great distance between the arrival star and the first stations to evacuate, over 6000 light-seconds away!

Details on this operation, as well as the mission report submission link, are available on this dedicated page: