One of the latest reports from MediCorp on Thargoids highlights intense activities involving the substitution of escape pods by Thargoid vessels. The conclusion of the report suggests that the intensity of abductions could greatly increase.

Abduction of Escape Pods

The recent Thargoid surveillance report published by Medicorp in Kalak highlights that the abductions of escape pods by Thargoids have been steadily increasing for several years. The process is now well-known: Thargoid interceptors appear at the scenes of battles and, using a kind of tractor beam, collect numerous human objects (black boxes, commodities, etc.). However, what is most concerning is that Xeno ships also substitute occupied escape pods. Several Medicorp rescuers have specialized in recovering these pods right under the Thargoids’ noses, prompting particularly hostile responses.

At present, the report cannot precisely determine the fate of these pods, and Medicorp emphasizes that extracting an occupant from stasis is not an easy task. Are they destroyed, or are they retrieved as if they were mere objects, without acknowledging that these escape pods harbor life? One avenue in the report suggests that humanity, in the past, conducted experiments on Thargoids in INRA bases, and now the xenos may be reciprocating. This chilling truth would be absolutely dramatic for the victims and their families, as well as the potential danger it could pose to the human species if a virus or fungus were developed as a weapon of mass destruction!

But the horror does not end there. According to some reporters, the activity of this “Macabre Harvest” seems to be intensifying and could become even more central in the coming months if statistical trends are confirmed. Thargoids show little inclination to cease these abductions, and Medicorp expresses deep concern and worry about the future regarding this matter.

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