The latest reports from Medicorp regarding a potential escalation in the kidnapping of escape pods are confirmed due to the potential arrival of a new Thargoid fighter: the Scythe.

The face of the Grim Reaper

The Scythe, as named by the Pilot’s Federation, is a new Thargoid vessel of the Hunter class, differing from its predecessor, the Glaive, discovered only a few months ago. According to initial scientific observations, even though no pilot has encountered this hunter yet, it appears that the Scythe is equipped with retrieval drones and its objective is quite dreadful: the mass retrieval of objects, apparently prioritizing rescue pods. Medicorp issued a brief press release today:

If the information is confirmed, the Scythe poses a new significant threat to humanity: the mass kidnapping of rescue pods, and consequently, human beings! We deeply regret that our various warning messages sent numerous times to the Pilot’s Federation regarding these practices have not been heeded. The Pilot’s Federation and major powers seem more concerned with creating new weapons than addressing these terrible abduction practices that no one seems to care about. Our fears are coming true, and we now fear a drastic increase in these abductions without having real means to counter them!

In the coming weeks, Medicorp will adapt, revise its strategies, and consider all possible solutions to limit or counter these Thargoid practices. However, we will adhere to our policy: we will not use weapons, and we will do everything in our power to extract as many lives as possible from the clutches of these creatures.

Medicorp – July 28, 3309

MediCorp has indicated that the NGO is considering filing a complaint with the Pilot’s Federation for inaction. At the same time, internal discussions will be initiated to consider rescue strategies to be adapted against the “Thargoid Harvest,” as it is now referred to.