On the social networks of Kalak, rumors about human abductions by Thargoids are taking center stage. For several days, a theory: #Zombirgoïd, seems to be the focus of most debates.


If you are currently reading the social network of Kalak, you will probably see that its logo has changed. The little frog has been replaced by a rather ominous green “Z.” Not surprising when you consider that this network mainly offers threads dedicated to Thargoid abductions. As we know, MediCorp has taken legal action against the Pilot’s Federation, the Alliance, the Empire, and the Federation these days. This has had the effect of focusing attention on the phenomenon, although not new, of Thargoid abductions. The arrival of the Scythe seems to have amplified the phenomenon, and many theories are circulating on the networks:

“They kidnaps us because they drinks our brain, I know it, I seen them!”

Mr Ksum

“We conducted experiments on these creatures in our INRA bases. I think it’s a mimetic reflex. It seems clear. I am a xenopsychologist; I know what I’m talking about!””

Dr Roumalof

However, amid these thousands of exchanges, one word appears at the top of the searches. It is”#Zombirgoïd…

#Zombirgoïd ?

This is the theory that generates the most discussion and seems quite embarrassing for the political authorities of Kalak because they do not want to answer our questions on the subject.

It has been known for a long time that the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus has the ability to “zombify” certain species of ants that can be found in some zoos [since the natural species has long since disappeared, editor’s note] on Earth (SOL system, access permit required). Starting from this observation, some Xenospecialists or Thargoid researchers claim that the goal of the Thargoids is to zombify the humans abducted in large numbers, as there are indeed tens of millions of disappearances since the beginning of the war.

When it comes to the “why” of these abductions, here are the main assumptions (we decline any responsibility for the veracity of these theories):

  • “The Thargoids needing ammonia to live, it is necessary for them to have a host to tread on worlds with a breathable atmosphere for humans in order to fu*** us!” #Zobirgoïd”,
  • “The Thargoids can’t leave their ships. For a ground confrontation, they need to control humans as if we were their puppets.” #Zobirgoïd,”
  • “Turning humans into #Zombirgoids allows them to infiltrate military and political decision-making spheres. Hudson is proof of that; it has long been known that this character is far from human.”
  • “I don’t care about #Zombirgoids. I’m armed. Besides, I have serious doubts about my neighbor, to be honest!”
  • “Do you remember the Trojan horse? Well, here we go again! We think they’re human, but no!!! They’re #Zombirgoids!!!”
  • “They’re already here. I know it. My husband did things to me last night he’s never done in 15 years of marriage. I’m convinced he’s a #Zombirgoid! I’ve hired a lawyer.”
  • …..

And the list goes on. Some theories, linking INRA’s attempts to control Thargoid ships, seem to be the most documented. However, at this time, it is impossible to know if the #Zombirgoid phenomenon reflects widespread anxiety among the population or if it is a serious and credible lead.

The Kalactic continues to investigate.