This is how the press conference held by Medicorp concluded following the latest revelations from Aegis regarding the nacelles abducted by the Thargoids. Medicorp is ready to extract the nacelles potentially held by the Titans as soon as the technology allows.

A new mission for Medicorp

Here’s a translation:

In February of this year, Professor Sharrowkyn announced a new Caustic Environment Exploration and Research Project (VEREC) as well as the commissioning of two laboratory ships intended to penetrate the Maelströms [read the article]. In recent months, research operations have multiplied in the Maelströms until reaching the Titans.

On August 31, an Aegis leak revealed that the kidnapping of millions of pods could indeed be confirmed and target the Titans . For several months, MediCorp had been greatly concerned about these disappearances and even filed a lawsuit for inaction against the Pilot’s Federation, the Alliance, the Empire, and the Federation.

Following AEGIS’s revelations, MediCorp held a brief press conference in the late afternoon from Kalak:

Since the founding of MediCorp in May 3303, our missions have never ceased to expand. Initially, our rescuers were tasked with searching for and retrieving pods in space and on planetary surfaces. Then, our prerogatives gradually expanded: we operated to recover pods from destroyed megaships, we work to combat epidemics, famines, and plagues, we were mandated to recover pods in resource extraction zones and combat zones. Later, our rescuers braved the flames of stations attacked by Thargoids or recovered pods right under the nose of Thargoid ships.

Since 3303, we are here! On all fronts, we are present, and our brave rescuers have carried out many operations to bring back pods: from an Anaconda graveyard, to accompanying explorers on their distant expeditions, and more recently, to fight against the Thargoid invasion.

On this day, we learn that our worst fears could prove true. We have shouted in a desert, but we have never been heard. No matter. We will be there, once again, to save lives! Thanks to what we have learned with Professor Sharrowkyn’s VEREC program, we will be operational as soon as Aegis finds a way to extract pods from the Titans. It will be a perilous mission, perhaps even suicide. We may have to implement combined operations to divert attention near the Titans to allow our rescuers to operate. But we will be there. Because we are ready! Ready to face impossible challenges, to cross the flames and desolation to save what can be saved.

We are Medics, and we will never give up. #ForTheMedic!

Gonzalo Rios-Bray

Le Kalaktic