The announcement of the arrival of mining missiles to extract pods from the Titans had caused a stir in Kalak, putting the NGO in a significant dilemma. These mining tools, adapted to facilitate the recovery of pods held in the Titans, would they be authorized on Medicorp vessels or not? To address this question, the organization’s leaders proposed the establishment of a symposium dedicated to galactic rescue.

The first Kalak Symposium

The rule was simple: each participant in the Symposium had a say, allowing them to share their perspective on the issue. Quickly and in relative calm, minds and arguments clashed. As expected, two camps emerged: on one side, the question of weapons had no place since these missiles were not used for anything other than mining; on the other, the more radical individuals defended the organization’s initial stance: no weapons or projectile items. Here are some exchanges shared during this Symposium.

[…] Medicorp works for life, at all costs. Humanity is in danger.

CMDR Cisl’

For me, Li Gong-Rui’s new creation is more of a tool than a weapon, and I am convinced that Medicorp needs this tool to save our fellow citizens!

CMDR Warker

I conclude with a recent statement from September 1st, spoken during the MediCorp press conference. “We are medics, and we will never give up. Let’s not stand idly by. Let’s go save these unfortunate souls.”

CMDR Plekton

How else can we proceed? Honestly, we are unable to retrieve the pods peacefully from the Titan.

CMDR Azim Hutt

[…] this famous missile is originally designed to extract ore, not for combat […] We have conflicting information from our colleagues, indicating that these missiles are or will soon be in mass production, but ultimately, the decision is yours to make, and we will respect it.

CMDR Arizona

This grenade in the hand of the young person… is it a weapon or a fruit?

CMDR Sauros73

It was agreed that this organization would never have tools that could threaten a life, not out of caprice, but to prevent old human tendencies from resurfacing […]
Therefore, I propose, much to the chagrin of some, not to continue this warlike quest with our Medicorp ships.

CMDR SteFBlood

Various opinions have also opened up other avenues, such as the creation of a specialized unit working alongside rescue ships: “I propose creating an intervention unit. Defend and protect!” declares CMDR D-Lite.

Others suggest that the decision will not change their creed, such as CMDR Princesses-Tina: “If, however, with full knowledge, they decide to change this line of conduct, it won’t change anything for me because I won’t be the one firing those famous missiles; it would be way too dangerous! laughter in the room

Finally, as always, some opinions remain vague and do not provide a clear understanding of the matter, as is the case with CMDR Aymerix: “When you use a weapon, you injure or kill the target’s body. But in a sly and insidious way, the wielder of the blow is injured in their soul. […] But we must do without its light. Nevertheless, let’s not lose ourselves in the darkness.”


After the exchanges and arguments, it quickly became apparent how the votes were turning out. Four choices were proposed: No, Yes without restriction, Yes with restriction, or Abstention. The results show a large majority in favor of authorizing extraction missiles without restrictions (more than 50% of the votes). Furthermore, when adding the “Yes with restriction” votes, it surpasses the 75% mark of favorable opinions for the installation of these extraction missiles on Medicorp ships. In the end, only 16% of voters expressed a categorical refusal to the proposal, and 9% abstained.

Medicorp will likely announce its decision very soon, possibly opening a new era for the organization.

Public Opinion in Kalak

Alongside the First Symposium of Kalak, our journal conducted a public opinion survey in the system to find out whether citizens consider these extraction missiles as weapons or not.

Once again, the votes are very decisive and confirm the trend shown by the Symposium: 58% of those surveyed believe that these extraction missiles are not weapons, compared to 34% (with 9% abstaining).

Clearly, opinions are as decisive among the medics as they are among the citizens. In light of these results, it’s challenging to see how Medicorp could prevent the use of these extraction missiles to recover the capsules held in the Titans.

The Kalatic