Since yesterday, MediCorp rescuers have been able to extract pods from the Titans, the bio-storage capules held captive. This action became possible as MediCorp authorized the use of extraction missiles after the Kalak Symposium. The first pods recovered by the rescuers were delivered to the rescue ships, but alarming information about their condition quickly circulated within the galactic community. Due to these events, MediCorp held a press conference in the mid-afternoon.

From the Symposium to the Titans

MediCorp has just concluded its symposium to settle the question of the Subsurface Extraction Missiles resctiction. The timing could not have been more precise, as the day after the vote, on October 5, 3309, Aegis made its new creation available to pilots. Regarding the symposium and its result, MediCorp expressed the following:

First and foremost, we would like to thank the participants in this first Kalak Symposium. Following the discussions and votes, a decision was proposed: to authorize the use of Subsurface Extraction Missiles on MediCorp ships. The votes supported the authorization of the missiles, but not with an absolute majority regarding restrictions. We have taken into account all opinions to allow the use of these missiles.
The MediCorp Board of Directors officially approved the use of these tools in the context of our missions. However, and it is important to emphasize this as firmly as possible: this in no way questions the use of weapons, of all types, on board our ships and SRVs. This is indeed an exception whose use is temporary and regulated:

They are only allowed in the context of missions near the Titans. If MediCorp ships are used for other missions outside the maelstroms, these missiles must be uninstalled and stored.

Finally, when the situation has calmed down, and it is confirmed that no pod is held in the Titans, we will then discuss the question of their prohibition.

The First Recovered Pods

This day also marks the recovery of the first bio-storage capsule. The maneuver, particularly risky in this hostile environment, requires a very specific procedure. This procedure is currently being tested by MediCorp ships, some of which belong to the VEREC program, adapted to this new mission for the occasion. Pilots need to enter the caustic cloud, cross the electromagnetic waves of the Titan, scan it, and extract the pods. MediCorp authorities have presented a mission report on these initial recoveries:

We managed to recover some pods. However, from the beginning, we understood that they were not at all what we expected. The capsules extracted from the Titans are ovoid in shape and resemble cocoons. Organic or even human-like sounds emanate from inside. Several of our rescuers, quite shocked by what they have seen and heard, claim that these sounds are human and seem like breathing.

We have taken charge of a significant number of these Thargoid biocontainment pods and delivered them to the Rescue Ships. Currently, MediCorp is not able to handle these extraterrestrial biocapsules. We know nothing about preservation procedures, the dangers they may pose, or how to open them without risking any danger to their occupants and the medical teams handling them. Therefore, we ask our rescuers, until further notice, to deposit these pods exclusively in the Rescue Ships. Additionally, we request, after every delivery, to follow a high-level health protocol to thoroughly disinfect the ship and cargo holds. An internal memo will be sent to the crews, but we can also take care of the disinfection on board the Hippocrates and the Louis Pasteur if you wish.

We will organize ourselves and continue research to understand how to deal with these biocapsules. However, we do not neglect our other missions, of course.

Professor Sharrowkyn

For now, MediCorp ships are not authorized to deliver Thargoid bio-storage capsules to the facilities in Kalak. This news has greatly reassured many citizens, a significant portion of whom is increasingly convinced that they contain Zombiroids. Similar to what happened a few weeks ago, social networks are in a frenzy, and the iconic Z is once again at the top of the searches!

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