For several months, the HMS Mercy of Azeria has been operational in the Ratraii system, in the Colonia region. MediCorp is pleased to be a user of a mobile medical base and has already treated numerous patients, rescued from the void of space by the courageous pilots from both Medicorp and Commander James Wariow’s private fleet

As highlighted in a previous article, the carrier also houses a restricted area accessible only to individuals with special accreditation beyond level 3 (found in surface installations), raising many questions among pilots. Commander Wariow’s Navigators regularly bring materials on board that go directly to this mysterious zone, reminiscent of the “special requests” made to certain pilots regarding unusual cargo to bring just before the Mercy’s departure for Colonia.

Out of the 600 crew members, including officers, technicians, medical and research personnel, only about thirty researchers/doctors and twenty guards possess this accreditation. This accreditation is not even granted to Commander Kelbor. No one communicates on this matter, and inquiries may quickly be met with aggression. Officially, Commander James Wariow has spoken only once, asserting that the activities aboard the MHS Mercy are kept secret for reasons of private business, similar to how a company does not disclose research on future patents.

This version seems to be confirmed when considering that the biological research laboratory, operated by Vista Genomics in collaboration with researchers from this private section, collects samples to study properties of plant species brought from other worlds. However, some pilots point out that the MHS Mercy is not in complete harmony with MediCorp’s fundamental principles due to the presence of a ship equipment market allowing the purchase and installation of offensive modules, as well as a weapons merchant and a seller of the highly controversial omnipasses.

A MediCorp spokesperson responded, stating that Commander Wariow’s intention was to provide a wide variety of equipment, both for ships and individuals, in a region where obtaining such equipment can be challenging. This includes generators and propulsion elements. It is emphasized that this equipment supply is independent of the NGO. The production of these modules is carried out aboard the Goupil Arsenal, another carrier in Commander Wariow’s fleet, primarily specializing in the ship, module, and individual equipment manufacturing industry. It is not directly tied to MediCorp.

In conclusion, the ship’s officers and MediCorp officials aim to reassure, reminding everyone that this carrier is used by MediCorp as a usufruct. Consequently, the organization does not have complete control over all activities on board and has not reported any internal issues.