An essential link in the war against the Thargoids, the Rescue Ships have seen their missions and services gradually expand since they were put into operation just over a year ago. In recent days, they have also added to their arsenal a scientific process enabling the contamination of Thargoid items. These items are utilized to sabotage Thargoid Spire sites. The NGO Medicorp expresses concern about this development.

New Version of INRA Bases?

Infamous for their dark research, the INRA bases had operated in the past during the first war against the Thargoids. The clandestine paramilitary organization (Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm), founded by the Federation and the Empire several centuries ago, had developed a mycoid virus, a particularly effective chemical weapon against the Thargoids that ended the initial conflict in 3151. The organization was dissolved in 3200, and the first bases were subsequently discovered (and made accessible to the public) on October 9, 3303 [Editor’s note: Although never officially acknowledged, members of the Wing Atlantis, some of whom have since become active members of Medicorp, are credited with the (re)discovery of these bases].

“The Same Patterns Are Gradually Reemerging”

This is how Medicorp expressed its concern today upon learning that Rescue Ships are now capable of contaminating Thargoid Probe samples as part of sabotage missions entrusted to willing pilots. Indeed, Galnet published an article on November 10, 3309, presenting the contamination process (see the news). Medicorp commented on the matter:

“We are very concerned about the turn events are taking. Initially, these Rescue Ships had the role of accommodating the wounded and refugees from Thargoid war zones after the Titans arrival. Then pilots could equip themselves with AX weapons exclusive to these ships. Similarly, the Rescue Ships gradually transformed into arsenals where AX modules could be purchased for the war effort. These war hospitals recently started accommodating the bio-storage capsules extracted from the Titans and implemented a rescue process for which no scientific publication has been presented. The human extraction protocol is currently one of the best-kept secrets!

Finally, last week, we learn that specialized laboratories can contaminate Thargoid items as part of sabotage missions. Medicorp is not opposed to these missions, but we are particularly concerned that what is happening within these Rescue Ships is becoming increasingly crucial in this war, while at the same time, becoming increasingly opaque. We know nothing: neither how the AX weapons are produced, nor how humans are extracted from Thargoid biocapsules, nor how this contamination process operates. Faced with this situation, we feel that, much like the INRA bases, the same patterns are gradually reemerging. Be careful not to take what happens aboard these Rescue Ships lightly and, above all, not to repeat the mistakes of the past!

Gonzalo Rios-Bray

Medicorp unofficially admits to being concerned about the potential side effects this could have on the NGO’s image. Associating the image of hospital ships with the INRA bases will inevitably impact the perception of Medicorp ships. This is especially true as the Mercy, based in Colonia, remains shrouded in shadows and mysteries to this day.

In conclusion, Medicorp leaves open the possibility of making an official request for the establishment of an independent scientific commission with a mandate to observe and report on the activities of Rescue Ships. Stay tuned.

List of currently operational Rescue Ships:”

Ship nameOriginActual system
BertschingerTarach TorHaritanis
CornwallisElliMac Cimi
YoshidaUpsilon AquariiCornsar

The Kalaktic