The information just came in and was confirmed by the first pilots on site (CMDR V3ltro and Fred89210), the wreck of Taranis, although still in a caustic environment, is now accessible. Medicorp is dispatching rescue teams to the site.

Capsules to rescue

It is, of course, the primary concern that Medicorp administrators have addressed: are there still bio-storage capsules in the area? After the destruction of Taranis and an emergency recovery operation (news), it was Medicorp’s greatest fear that all the capsules held prisoner would be destroyed in the explosion. Although it is impossible at present (and probably never will be) to know how many kidnapped humans perished in the Titan’s explosion, some pods appear to be intact.

To retrieve them, Medicorp has dispatched its flagship, the Louis Pasteur, to the Taranis system. Indeed, since this morning, galactic authorities have apparently lifted the ban on mega-ships entering the area. This should greatly facilitate rescue efforts.

However, pilots on site have alerted the NGO to the presence of Thargoid Scythe fighters attempting to raid the cargo holds and replace the capsules with impostors. Therefore, Medicorp has issued cautionary advice to pilots and its rescuers.

Leigong is falling?

The second piece of news for this Thursday, March 14th, is that Leigong seems to have significantly lowered its resistance to damage and, under heavy fire, could suffer the same fate as Taranis in the coming days. Medicorp has therefore issued an alert bulletin to have rescuers ready as soon as the titan begins to melt down, to go there and recover the bio-containment pods.

The next few days and hours are likely to be very busy for the Medicorp teams.

The Kalaktic

Image : CMDR V3ltro